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  1. Why they got the Emirates airline girls there? they sponsor World Cup too now?
  2. Air hostesses from Qatar Airways up there with the medals?
  3. Well thank f**k we don't have to put up with that shot again for another four years.
  4. Did Per f**k Mrs Hansen or something?
  5. How long will it take for Özil and Mertesacker to be match fit for us?
  6. Mertesacker just updated his Facebook status hehe
  7. Loooool player of the tournament......FFS
  8. Rio in Rio? No, ta.
  9. Hoddles hair rescued finally by the sunglasses - relief
  10. Is it ok to wish cancer on Alan Hansen?
  11. Hansen just can't help himself when it comes to Mertesacker, what a cnut, glad he is off our screens
  12. hehe Messi Player of the Tournament! Yikes
  13. Ozil walking around shirtless after being asked for his shirt by Platini.
  14. Congrats to our World Cup Winners - last time we had 3 world cup winners we ruled the English game !
  15. I am really pleased this is over, 3 weeks without football and then we have our mighty Arsenal back!
  16. Even Germany won on the birds front! Some absolute corkers there! Tits up
  17. OH NO!!!!
  18. should we have a lederhosen day at the emirates in honour of our Teutonic squad members?
  19. Ozil.
  20. Arsenal are expected to officially announce the signing of Mathieu Debuchy tomorrow afternoon
  21. Messi was player of the tournament?
  22. So, if Vermaelen goes, who would be the new club capitano? Rub chin
  23. Billy/someone - how reliable as a source are Sport, the Catalan daily?
  24. 23m for Khedira deal done according to some dudes on twitter.
  25. :favourwimb: Does anyone have a Times Online login and could copy an article for me?
  26. hehe spurs struggles begin, lets see how they deal with whole new stadium money issues
  27. What on earth is Jack doing with that chap in the pool?
  28. Adidas paying £70m a year to be Man Utd's kit supplier. That's more than double
  29. The bromance shall continue Clound Nine
  30. Of course players who have had a long world cup always suffer for it the following season.
  31. My player of the tournament is an unoriginal choice, but I simply was not expecting to be as
  32. Sacha Baron-Cohen annoying Grimsby and using the more depressing Tilbury to do it hehe
  33. Nic are you around? are you really suggesting your posts about Sanchez were edited and you didn't
  34. DT saying Palace game to be on Sky. Please not MNF. >>>>
  35. I quite like when BBC are analysing the match and they use that spotlight to highlight the player.
  36. Cavani looking for a PL move according to SSN........
  37. Nicos, in here a moment....
  38. Wait, are we actually signing Khedira? What the f**k is going on?
  39. It really doesn't look good Awimb Frown
  40. Alan Pardew providing further proof that he really is an utter bellend
  41. What is with kraut keepers having carte blanche to violently assault players in World Cups. I was
  42. I think Nic is not replying to posts today as he's in China ?!
  43. The gossip columns are going mental. Before it was Bender or Khedira. Now it's Arsenal want both
  44. Is there any reason why someone would repeatedly spell Vietnam as Viet Nam?
  45. I know this is extremely childish ... but..
  46. i hope you're all proud of yourselves. Hounding poor Nicos off the board.
  47. Is LA dead or alive ? up to his neck in fraulines clunges ? i want a full report
  48. CarWIMB - I know that front and rear tryes should be the same but all 4?
  49. Google - part of the Evil Empire. They claim they are removing links to pages in accordance with EU
  50. I don't quite understand the logic behind holding an 'inquiry' into alleged political nonces.
  51. Adebayor has malaria.
  52. Now we are spending money watch Fifa change the rules to f**k us over!
  53. Nice fish
  54. Cycling can be pathetic. Contador falls and the gentlemen refuse to attack, they slow down.
  55. Go Richie Bow
  56. Jack the lad Indifferent
  57. What's she doing at the Emirates?
  58. Myles Palmer guessing and giving the credit to Gazidis
  59. c**tador walks! Clound Nine
  60. Does everyone have the Monday 2 to 3pm wobbly eye..head nod etc at desk ?
  61. Good news, our first 3 games aren't on BT Sport and all kick off at 5.30
  62. jack smoking again -- naughty
  63. Would it be fair to say you can only credibly call yourself a Hillsborough “survivor” if you were
  64. This Manu Adidas deal, we should've waited till they did their deal before committing ourselves.
  65. Dr Headgear re. you earlier post
  66. Lots of sauces now saying Khedira deal agreed for £23m
  67. A gentle reminder to the cycling experts on this board that Contador won the 2010 Tour (which he
  68. Soooo.... I wonder how many of the german lads got to sling it up Rihanna last night?
  69. Arsenal v C. Palace live on Sky - Sat 16th Aug at 17:30 (Free to air)
  70. Quick poll on Abou
  71. I think this is the time and place to come out the closet and admit I'm gay
  72. Did the Champions League used to have two group stages before the knockout phase?
  73. This arsehole keeps bidding me up on ebay. I think I am now paying too much. I only have 1 hour to
  74. Mertesacker dancing, although the fella on the right caught my attention. Wonderfully camp.
  75. Can't help but think that if Khedira signs he will quickly ...
  76. Fvcking PFA poke their noses into everything
  77. Dietmar Hamann has done well out of Germany winning the world cup, despite not being involved.
  78. Is Nic really **actually** still saying that someone has mysteriously edited his posts without it
  79. Welcome to Arsenal Jackson Martinez
  80. Conspiracy theory
  81. This will really rub it in for poor old Messi, the bitterest pill he will have to swallow.
  82. Foodie ****ism the cause of slow service in restaurants
  83. *******s I won the auction.
  84. Alexis Sanchez...Mathieu Debuchy, Sami Khediera...John Ruddy Clap
  85. After Holland's world cup loss the Hague resigns.
  86. hehe ‘German sub sinks Argies’ - Daily Star
  87. Music We're on the ball Music
  88. Music Welcome to the jungle Music
  89. I made this as a f**k you to the Ozil haters.
  90. Braaaasiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil Cry
  91. Sky's illustrious top summer 2014 transfer list
  92. Reckon Debuchy announcement imminent as his replacement reported in Newcastle today for medical
  93. Guillermo Del Toro's new Vampire TV series - The Strain Bow
  94. Is anyone else concerned about 71Guns being a spy?
  95. Scousers really are getting rather bitter towards us Smile
  96. I don't think people can be annoyed at Wilshere for smoking. When cigarettes are legal.
  97. Morning Awimb. Re-watching Sopranos from numero uno.
  98. Good news for all you fat f**ks! >>>
  99. What would be the awimb split here on a straight choice - Kahedira or Bender
  100. So considering that we can't have Khedira because we won't make him our highest paid player and
  101. What to buy the man who has everything .......... or Monty
  102. We should be careful with that Egyptian full-back. I suspect it's a pyramid scheme.
  103. Mertesacker telling Sanogo off
  104. Lunch?
  105. I am doing a quiz but stuck on a question. Does anybody know what flag this is?
  106. A woman goes to the vet .....
  107. hehe
  108. notice how many times we make a signing reports say arsene
  109. So if Sanchez is right footed and isn't playing up front, which flanks will him and Feo play? Just
  110. typical arsene! the new bischoff? Thumb Up
  111. Take this with a pinch of salt but sort of shows why United can charge Adidas what they
  112. That bottling Commie Cameron has chopped Gove and Hague, then Frown
  113. Judge Judge Judge
  114. spurs looking to offload Soldado for £15m, £11m loss in a year hehe
  115. I hope you are all pleased with yourselves. Hounding Nic off the board.
  116. Fair play to Hansen for the bit on Walcott, although he could have said it a lot sooner
  117. Hope Mr Brailsford has a good spin on Porte and Thomas tailing off.
  118. Podolski Clap
  119. Anyone seen the movie "Boyhood" yet?
  120. Khedira not happening as he wants too much money, pity
  121. Now I don't want to pick at the scab, but from what I can make out, Nic's epic eppy is an absolute
  122. The guy with the wig has resigned from Juventus. Vidal to United?
  123. It's beginning to look like Arsene has been prick teasing us again
  124. ?
  125. piss
  126. f**k
  127. Champions League Clap
  128. When posts are reduced to the quality of the last few topics you know it's time for the new season.
  129. I have some distressing news about Sanchez's *****. Frown
  130. Ex-Liverpool player in not being monumentally wrong shocker >>>>>>
  131. Enough talking about boys' dicks, you sound like a bunch of Cyril Smiths. Are these shysters on
  132. cunnilingus
  133. Bang head Will he NEVER learn? Bang head
  134. Those BT sport adverts Yikes
  135. It's amazing what you can find on here if you look at some old messages.
  136. Nicos hasn't posted all day - you've killed him you ****s Cry
  137. Just been poking around my asshole and pulled out what I thought was an internal grape
  138. Just came home to find the cat eating a mouse ON the table
  139. How did someone change one of my 2 year old posts? And how come I can only see the original in my
  140. Crazy scenes in tonight's episode of Sex and the City. Carrie is caught in a love triangle and
  141. The southern states are literally burning to the ground as I type this and all you can th......
  142. I received an email from a dead person yesterday. Slightly unnerving.
  143. The day shift should really leave Nic alone. Slug and his mates have been hounding him for a while
  144. WTF?? The SPL - (12 teams) - "Top 6 teams split after 33 games". So they play each team 3 times,
  145. Some nice stats here from the beeb
  146. Hague and Gove gone in the same day! Clound Nine
  147. This picture always amuses me, that was our entrance to the ground
  148. A week tomorrow I leave at 5am for the Poole -Cherbourg ferry.
  149. Ganpati's idea is excellent. Which novel should Spuds be named after? Bleak House?
  150. My handle has been tampered with from Satan to santa
  151. Jorge - thank you so much for the Meades docs link. I loved the French/Alg ones, and the Hanseatic
  152. The Meades doc is great (comme toujours.) How come he writes for the Torygraph and Speccy? Why
  153. I know it's a chain, but the Byron double burger IS a wonderful thing.
  154. Twitter awash with Ron Vlaar rumours.. To be fair our Current captain would be a
  155. Good Morning my friend!
  156. Glorious day for it at Farnborough. Media centre is the usual grubby scrum, while the viewing
  157. Absolute classic Clap use headphones if at work
  158. Mental. Looking at my old posts, I found this about Celtic and EUFA from last year....
  159. Khedira will come, unless Chelsea intervene. But, he's on his holibobs right now so nothing soon.
  160. Child abuse image investigation leads to 660 arrests
  161. well this bypassed me
  162. £7.50 for a smoked Bratwurst and £4.80 for a pint of Pedigree. Bargain imo. Particularly since I get
  163. More hilarious classics from ages ago hehe hehe Will there be some sort of tribute to our world cup winners at the emirates? There should be.
  164. Chris Smalling plus cash for Tommy Vee?
  165. Anybody watch that gypsy programme the other day. think it was on Channel 5
  166. This picture was just posted on Twitter. Could be anytime between the 30s and 50s, I'd guess?
  167. Look at that smile!
  168. What cake is this?
  169. Extra portion of Polish sausage >>>>
  170. Have we singed Hatem Debuchy yet?
  171. be good if that gallopin frog wins imo
  172. looking forward to using my weed blow torch tonight i just bought imo
  173. Still no Nicos?...If you're looking in Nic...just come back...give the likes of Rich and his
  174. I am so Belgian I have my cock up a young boy from dusk til dawn every day
  175. About editing posts. Admins can do it but not lowly grunts like C. Doc used to do it back in the day
  176. Khedira's agent is not in the loop of any discussion. And, as I reported*, Khedira is holidaying
  177. Ozil donating his WC bonus to victims in Gaza. What a lovely chap he is
  178. Pieterson gone.
  179. Good evening is this an interesting and happy forum?
  180. Hold on, no one's wet their knickers about how dreadful the new kit is yet.
  181. At which point should I be worried about the amount of glass I have consumed?
  182. heard sturridge wants out of pool (possible Noah)
  183. Oi! Prospero! Are your charms now overthrown and is what strength you have thine own?
  184. What's happening with the Dr Headcase scandal? Has he apologised to poor nic yet?
  185. According to Forbes latest list, we're #5 in the footie money league
  186. What splendid weather we are having.
  187. Remember when I used to post my tunes I made and got cussed? Well here's another one...
  188. I know our Mesut's a Turk and all, but I didn't know he was a dedicated muslim
  189. Headline: Youthful Chelsea put 5 past Wycombe; Terry and Ivanovic score Rub chin
  190. Israel humanitarian....
  191. sometimes I pretend I'm dead when my bird is round for a laugh
  192. Blimey. I'll say this for Israel: it does at least give the nightshift something to talk about.
  193. I have to go to the funfair today. Dodgems and big wheels everything Indifferent
  194. If you carry a bag. What'sinyourbagwimb?
  195. Where does Awimb stand on assisted dying?
  196. Clap this is now in the classic posts.
  197. Cook is just taking the piss now, won the toss and put the Indians in to bat
  198. Got a feeling Costa is going to flop big time.
  199. I still think we are going to sign Khedira. Despite what his agent says.
  200. Right I've had enough I am bored.
  201. Sitting outside with a cuppa and a contraband Cherry Bakewell. Lovely morning, then I read my email
  202. Do these newspaper sites just 'edit' their articles so they appear the top of the search on google?
  203. How long does it last? Can love be measured by the hours in a day?
  204. England slip to 18 year low in FAFI rankings, 20th below Greece, Costa Coffee and Benson & Hedges
  205. Pieterson looking like George Michael
  206. Anybody else on here getting this stupid Java Script alert crap keep popping up?
  207. I see the AST (Tim Payton) have had a moan about being able to release 3 new kits
  208. Piers Morgan is scum - It's now official
  209. Some time ago, I confessed a sad Arsenal habit that was taking up too much of my valuable time.
  210. Kroos joins Real Madrid.
  211. hehe
  212. A new low for the boy Gove. He got stuck in a toilet in the house of commons
  213. Father Cavalletti , 45, arrested in Italy on suspicion of dealing drugs at a party. was arrested
  214. I am thinking of moving. I want a 1 bedroom flat. I don't want to spend more than a £900 - £1000
  215. This is an injury just waiting to happen...take it easier ffs Roll eyes
  216. Not football, but a fantastic project for those of an artistic bent...
  217. How can FIFA justify a ranking of 27th for Scotland??? They haven't qualified for a 32 team world
  218. I got another Trance banger for you. >>>
  219. Debuchy done Clound Nine
  220. they have updated the squad page on arse.com. Djourou is still there!
  221. Malaysian Airlines aren't having a great time of it just now, are they?
  222. The gate man at London Colney told me just now that
  223. In fairness, dodgems *are* pretty cool.
  224. Who said the following? "The only way to deal with death is to transform everything
  225. How come we don't have any Chinese posters? Over a billion Chinese but none on here.
  226. Cűnting weather. About 3hrs of warmish so'shine today...now thunder, lightning &
  227. Ernie Els hehe A bit of a rough start, eh!
  228. New fifa rankings Greece 13 ...England 20 hehe
  229. Claude
  230. The BBC were showing footage of smouldering 777 wreckage on the ground in Ukraine but were quick to
  231. Hang on! Some of the victims were British? Yikes
  232. Putin is indirectly responsible for today's Malaysian Air disaster.
  233. Johnny Winter hits the big chill.
  234. I wouldn't worry about anything. Obama is taking a 16 day vacation shortly after
  235. One wonders when Jorge admits that he has been wrong his whole life?
  236. Obama's slacker nation
  237. jaysus!! terrifying ride down
  238. GSTB, you f**king idiot
  239. That's one way to try to join. Buy your own kit.
  240. There's a tea party going on!
  241. Walter White gets high
  242. Can't wait for the big game tomorrow! The mighty Arsenal are back!
  243. I'm wondering how long it will be before Muslim heaven runs out of virgins.
  244. Malaysia Air....they're going busto right?
  245. Lahm is a bit young to be retiring from international football isn't he?
  246. Looks like someone has raided the drinks cabinet again.
  247. Nic! if you are reading this. I would like to point out whilst I've been stirring it up all
  248. Are Nic's (the absent one from below) posts as interesting as that Arrowhead fella
  249. What?