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  1. Manchester United might not win the Premier League again for another decade, says former England
  2. Favourite Soft drink?
  3. I did like Arteta's reaction to Sherwood throwing the ball at Sagna
  4. Is it fair to say that the media might be going slightly overboard on liverpool?
  5. The Irish love playing cricket on Paddy's Day, don't they?
  6. Well, missing the game due to a wedding was given an unexpected twist by the presence of a spurs
  7. Looool! Y'all thought I was fishing
  8. Just when you thought it couldnt get any more embarrassing being a spurs fan...
  9. Just watched the MOTD highlights. Did we really create nothing else except Ox’s Geoff Thomas moment,
  10. Coca Cola and Pepsi Max are the highest votes. Well done fueling the corporate machine Awimb.
  11. Always surprises me when I see this flag
  12. If you were to build a car up just from parts bought from a dealer, how much would a 15k car cost?
  13. I'm always amazed at people's recollection of games, particularly the level of detail
  14. I'm actually starting to quite like Tim Sherwood.
  15. Why do Spurs keep appointing managers who are/have been/have been rumored to be Arsenal supporters?
  16. When Rosicky gave his shirt to the lad in the wheelchair, I'm sure he gave him a little kiss.
  17. It's that day of the year when the feckless, drunken wife-beaters known technically as'The Irish'
  18. MasterChef new series starts next Wednesday Clap
  19. Max Clifford once used the phrase "All publicity is good publicity"
  20. Does awimb know that even Slim of Burma is being accused of fiddling? Fat chance of a conviction
  21. If you think Tim Sherwood is bad, lest we forget dear old Juande...
  22. Macbook f**kerswimb. Is there a programme like MS Paint on the mac? I haven't looked
  23. Bloody hell! No wonder they call Rosicky the little Mozart!
  24. Shamrock shake in L.A. today.
  25. So I guess we’d take a draw vs Chelsea in anticipation of the more realistic prospect of beating
  26. Is it time to worry about Arsenal finishing 4th, and Utd winning the CL?
  27. He who laughs last...If Chelsea and City get the boot because of FFP, Spurs and United
  28. Andre Marriner is the referee for our match v Chelsea, the man that awarded
  29. Video of Tottenham 'fan' throwing a bottle yesterday at AFC going in ground ****er
  30. So Micky Hazaed wants the FA to do Szczesny because of gestures to incite the crowd apparently
  31. Why wasn't Ting on the drinks poll? By far the best soft drink
  33. Talksport on now until 10pm Romford Pele and Nutty on all things Wenger and Arsenal
  34. Fcuking Hell! Hope 5pur2 fans don't watch episode 14 of this season's Walking Dead..
  35. OK this is the list of Managers that Wenger joins on Sunday. It's not about being with one club.
  36. Micah Richards: 'Koscielny is the best centre back in the Premier league', that is a compliment
  37. hahahalolllzyfdfghb..Fergie the old soviet in the stands watching his empire/philosophy crumble
  38. Russian sanctions begin to bite - AVB sent to manage Zenit St Petersburg
  39. Are Chelsea classy enough to congratulate Wenger pre-match on his 1,000 matches?
  40. My last day before going on holiday. Now I have no intention of doing any work today
  41. I managed to get through almost all of yesterday without even realising it was St Patrick's Day.
  42. Defoe.....
  43. The family that just keeps giving...
  44. Marve if you are bored have you got any exciting stories to tell us?
  45. LinkedinAwimb. I signed up for this a while ago but never updated it or really looked at it. I've
  46. Good news, I can still access AWIMB at new job*
  47. Nic, thinking about getting away to Cyprus for a week in early September with the girlfriend.
  48. Finally, a transfer rumour we can all get behind
  49. What is for lunch mother f**kers?
  50. MM raises an interesting point with this post...
  51. So the theory I'm now hearing is all that this Malaysian airline nonsense is just a smokescreen to
  52. Clound Nine 34 years old and still plays perfectly.Flexidiscs Clound Nine
  53. Trinidad & Tobago's Jack Warner: "I am incorruptible. If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't say it."
  54. Diaby hoping to play before the season ends Oh
  55. *NEWSFLASH* First ever Lottery Winner who is not Obese
  56. What the f*ck is a Jack Monroe and why won't it f*ck off and take its awful tattoos, leftovers and
  57. I don't know what's worse for Tim McInnerny. Being mauled by a pack of wolfhounds
  58. Rich, re Cyprus holiday
  59. Now then, I understand that 1% of the population is living in clover, whilst the other
  60. Diving
  61. As I am home alone. What shall I make for dinner?
  62. Things which are massively overrated #346: Only Fools and Horses
  63. I rewatched Rosiky's goal last night about 100 times. Love it when Martin Tyler screams out Arsenal
  64. So that's what Bunnel is up to these days.
  65. So what were you thinking about when you designed your company's logo? hehe
  66. Ramsey and Cazorla sign contract extensions. Have we done this already?
  67. Unnecessary crap you keep in your wallet?
  68. Arsenal vs Barca (U20's) on Eurosport in 5 minutes. Zelalem & Gnabry
  69. Pelanty!
  70. I might tend to be a tad cynical about those who work in marketing.
  71. ooops, 1-0 down what a defensive (individual) cockup
  72. Super goal! 1-1!!!
  73. Do Barca have a policy of not drugging their kids?
  74. Get in there 1-1 Gnabry
  75. Barca well on top now :halftimedrugs:
  76. Our defence look nervous every time they attack
  77. Are they trying to replicate the Bayern game?
  78. Jesus wept, we look absolutely knackered Cry
  79. John Cross in his attempt to be unbiased
  80. These boys have more cojones than half our first team!
  81. WHAT THE ACTUAL f**k?? Well, we know that this crop of defenders won't be seeing the first team.
  82. Traore looks pretty good for Barca. Must be about 26 though?
  83. Damage limitation now. If we hold out at 2-1 or 3-1 can still knock em out at home.
  84. Where is modd when you need him? :Tony:
  85. Have to say, I would feel a little uncomfortable taking advantage of the newly announced childcare
  86. Barca coach 'We were lucky', indeed you were my friend!
  87. Oh well :baghead:
  88. Banfield* Out!
  89. Wish we had a shots on target clause in Santi's new deal. He needs re-calibrating like RoboCop had
  90. Schalke took the first steps up K2, sherpa in tow.....
  91. arsene ivan you a lie to us you said Biady back in march you leave away arsene ivan!
  92. Bum.
  93. Sagna apart, do we have any other players that we should extend their contracts?
  94. It's great to see him back in London such a club legend he is an inspiration
  95. This ref has got selective eyesight must be the roubles in his eyes
  96. Another thing Chelsea are much better than us is diving and faking injuries, I hate the cnuts
  97. It really is wrong to wish injuries to any Chelsea players, it really is, I would much rather we
  98. This is a joke - Chelsea falling over - the Turks can't be bothered - drogba wants to get off the
  99. we need to be careful of their set pieces this weekend
  100. Just settling down to Barca arsenal Eurosport - it's cleansing
  101. fabianski why not our starter?
  102. what a shameful performance by the Turks . . .
  103. Ronaldo gets #40 for the season. Gibbon Bale assist.
  104. Just back from the driving range. I was hoping that Chavski would get an examination. Sounds like
  105. Classic disaster of a socialist country
  106. exciting last 10 minutes at Wigan tonight
  107. BGM - Arab commentary >>>>>
  108. Consistent Moyes
  109. hehe wd the Daily Mash >>>
  110. Top 10 theories of the missing plane.....
  111. 83 days and counting with a thigh strain hehe
  112. ****ing hell! Anybody ermmm know of anyone that works in a library
  113. What would our chances of the title look like if we drew with Chelsea and beat/drew with City?
  114. Hell in a handcart # 271
  115. Did Diaby really say that he hasn't given up hope of going to the World Cup?
  116. Well, that's it then. Will the last A&R scout switch out the light on their way out Cry
  117. In a month we will have Ramsey, Ozil, Wilshere and even Diaby back. But by then we may have lost the
  118. They're demolishing the Marco Polo building. I mean, I know it wasn't everyone's cup of tea and all,
  119. Why do people consider Diaby a write-off, when Rosicky was out for 18 months too?
  120. SW - considering the match against Tottingham Hotspur on Sunday;
  121. Have had to turn down an offer to interview Bobby Pires next Friday!
  122. As far as endearingly inoffensive epic bantz goes, this is about as good as it gets
  123. Frown I fear this 'guilty until proven innocent' tax avoision thing in the Budget may have sent Sir C
  124. Of course, Manchester United will somehow go through tonight, won't they.
  125. Junichi Inamoto would rank among the worst Arsenal XI - have a butcher's here and you'll get cold
  126. Osborne is a f**king communist Frown
  127. Valencia says to Wayne....
  128. FFS get him back here, he's our best player!
  129. The Dream Team, Jamie and Daymee, for Man United tonight
  130. Super Joel Bow
  131. EQUALITY: Arsene's ****test XI - WHO DO YOU CHOOSE?
  132. Arsene's XI - WHO DO YOU CHOOSE?
  133. aww, the little boy came out again
  134. Campbell very useful there. Would be happy with him, Draxler and Ginter as our sole recruits...
  135. ************************ FREE MONEY ************************
  136. Couple of things: what the hell does cisgender mean? What is a transman? And wouldn't it just have
  137. You really are an idiot, even if you are fishing
  138. I think the kebab-scoffers have a goal in them easy
  139. Looking damned good so far
  140. Hang on a minute, wouldn't a ManU return to form suit us? Aren't we the only ones who played them 2x
  141. Olympi' are showing incredible energy levels here Sherlock
  142. Oh dear me, a bit of a dead leg for RvP.
  143. WD United IMO. Be funny if they won it.
  144. van Persie time raping as usual.
  145. barry - I saw this & thought of you:
  146. Bloody mobile network down been down for almost 2 hours here
  147. Please don,t let united and van nobody win eurpean cup Could not take them
  148. One of the best signs I've ever seen ===>
  149. Bad news for dortmund. missing robert Lewandowski for the
  150. Spokane Yikes
  151. So, all CL group winners got easy teams, made it to the next round . Hope we absorb the lesson...
  152. Just ponced a pint of milk off me neighbour, 70's stylee Clound Nine might go for some sugar later.
  153. Wenger Out!
  154. I see someone is calling for sanctions against Usmanov and Abramovich in the N.Y Times today
  155. Is there some sort of reverse Salary calculator. If somewon is earning after taxes
  156. Camp Freddie and Ashberto seem to have confused AWIMB with Guardian comments section again
  157. Don't worry they've changed the rules about the 4th place spot thing.
  158. Que sera sera
  159. ooh Fash, looks like I'm going to Canada! >
  160. 11.02am and Arse.com still has no semi tkts to buy. Sack the lot of them. Oh still need 1 membership
  161. My list of acceptable Premier League winners is: Arsenal, no-one, Farnborough Town, Bristol Rovers.
  162. Awimb was down earlier. due to TCP error. Is this what the servers run on?
  163. I've found a new, deeper level of hate for this man recently
  164. Good piece
  165. Lady Gaga, who I understand is a popular chanteuse, was recently joined on stage by "vomit painter"
  166. If united fluke the CL and we finish in our usual place, 4th* then we're in the Europa. FACT.
  167. All these no make up selfies plastered over facebook are quite the eye opener.
  168. It'll be a sad day when he goes. I know things move on but it's hard to imagine Arsenal FC without
  169. I don't understand the whole 'Selfies' thing. Is it because now they have named this way of taking a
  170. Cancer Research UK have received 800,000 donations in 24 hours via text as a result of the no makeup
  171. Minecraft is fairly racist IMO.....
  172. Just letting you cancer campaigners into a little secret, you might not know this but...
  173. Diaby wants to go to the World Cup? Yeah, We'll never see him again then.
  174. what c**t told me to lump on Benfica earlier?
  175. hehe
  176. Oh wow, I thought the beer & bingo for the hard working people was a mock up hehe
  177. Love it Clap all of Wenger's adversaries during his 1,000 games. There's some corkers in there!
  178. When, exactly, will the big noses 'go marchin' in'?
  179. Bow Arsene who
  180. Think spudscum will drop points against Southampton this weekend
  181. Bow AW M Bow
  182. Mourinho can f**k off... that is all
  183. Diane Abbott back on This Week hehe
  184. When that c**t Mourinho runs on the pitch is the thing that drives me over the edge about him.
  185. Had Calamari tonight which were not in rings. How is that possible??
  186. Speaking of Alex Song, what on earth is he wearing in that Wenger 1000 game video?
  187. Once Upon a Time Thursday nights used to be rocking on here
  188. Arsene Wenger celebrates 1,000 games for Arsenal which is a tremendous achievement in managerial
  189. Loking at Man City's fixtures I think a draw is a good result tomorrow.
  190. Nicklas Bendtner is AW's 31st most picked player. Oh well
  191. Thoughts on champions league draw
  192. Ashberto wishes cancer on Mourinho a day after Monty wishes cancer on Kevin Whitcher.
  193. Rosicky a doubt for tomorrow? Fck this ****, absolute waste of everyone's time and effort
  194. Just seen a quote from Mourinho which is sending me into a Kevin
  195. chelsea and man u are out hehe perfect draw Clap
  196. Bow Ferguson pays tribute to Wenger
  197. John Terry v. Zlatan in the CL......Bow
  198. Chelsea won't get through. Lest we forget when they did win it, Mourinho wasn't in charge
  199. Chelsea vs us will be a dull game
  200. I think we are going to get beaten heavily tomorrow
  201. Anyone know which end we are in for the Semi Final please?
  202. It’s silly to suggest tomorrow is a must-win. What is probably closer to the truth is to say that
  203. I think *******s is my favourite swear word. But it's one that johnny foreigner struggles with imo
  204. FFS! It's only cake! Stop getting so excited! Shout
  205. I got a 160 fine and a criminal record Oh
  206. Oh, please baby Jesus let this happen! Please?
  207. If we beat Chelsea and City we will win the league. End of.
  208. So here is the draft of my letter to the prosecution regarding my court case - all comments welcome
  209. By way of an old school poll, how many people here have criminal convictions. I'm quite staggered by
  210. Ted Terry [John's Dad] cleared of racial abuse
  211. Driving Speed and accident risk Read it >>>
  212. Driving Speed and accident risk Read it >>>
  213. Lordy. What a pair.
  214. Fish and chips and a pint for dinner tonight. Been a hell of a week.
  215. RvP out for 4-6 weeks hehe
  216. Yikes Bromley woman who is 'god of alien race' was 'engaged to Arsene Wenger in the 15th century'
  217. hehe Supporter in the stands mocking Sherwood at the Benfica game
  218. I see Twitter blocked in Turkey, this is what I call democracy, well done North Korea!
  219. Bit early I know But im pissed a s c**t... Music Playing wiv da Knic=ves Music
  220. it's written in the stars--. 3-1 to the Arsenal tomorrow, and happy 1,000 to you Arsene...
  221. I see Stewart Robson has not given up on criticising Wenger, used the 1,000 games headlines to say
  222. Ex players tribute to Wenger
  223. Semi Final kick off now at 5.07pm to mark Hillsborough Disaster
  224. Listening to some soundzz on phones. I like loud, but how can I tell when it's unhealthily too loud?
  225. Wenger Who? already on youtube, must watch for all Arsenal fans
  226. I'll be polite and say i'm not a fan of muslims but i love this>
  227. I am ****ted
  228. Funkit..... Music
  229. How could anybody pick an Arsenal 11 under Wenger and not include Bergkamp?
  230. David Dein on his first chance meeting with Arsene...
  231. More player tributes but still nothing from Thierry
  232. This is incredible, never knew that ....
  233. Rub chin 1,000 games? At one stage, even 10 games looked unlikely...
  234. Music someone lefta cake out in the rain Music
  235. Lifes little mysteries #436 How the hell did Gordon McQueen spawn something as lovely as Hayley?
  236. Arsenal's record against London clubs this season is 8 matches, 7 wins and 1 draw
  237. I'm actually nervous about a game of football for the first time this season Frown
  238. Videos of previous wins at chelsea to inspire today
  239. Just watched the Wrighty doc. Very deep, nearly blubbed...
  240. Surely the footballing gods must smile on Arsene today?
  241. And the no makeup week winner is>>>>>>>>>.
  242. Here's hoping the Whore Shagmeister Giroud has his shooting boots on today...
  243. Don't worry lads I've just put a bet on Chelsea...we cannot lose Clound Nine
  244. Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Rosicky, Ox, Cazorla, Pods, Giroud
  245. Michael f**king Owen Frown ****er Thought the c**t had f**ked off?
  246. f**king typical already defending like peanuts
  247. Punished :(
  248. Oh dear. Cut open several times already. Long afternoon ahead
  249. That's a heavy 2 goal swing there....should be 1up not 1down
  250. That was poor. .... Should have scored at one end, got caught at the other