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  1. even if arsene ivan does died I do not care yes I can do like that
  2. So AW extends his stay, if he thinks the team is good enough. I was under the impression that
  3. Last time we beat Stoke away was in 2010
  4. today feels strangely like that time we drew 2-2 at Bolton after being 2 nil up
  5. Can't understand why Ozil replaced Podoski.
  6. what times degale fight on c5 ? cant be arsed to watch the build up ****e
  7. We would kill for the strikers Chavs have got and Jose complains
  8. Jonathan Creek was garbage last night. They changed the whole format.
  9. Poor defeat today but these things happen
  10. We are always better with our back to the wall. Repeat the performance of last year for the last 10
  11. ah yes Saturday lunchtime here and belting this choon out Music ....
  12. MOTD is on!
  13. why the f**k didnt flamin start? and the ox has been very good recently
  14. padrew lucky not to be arrested
  15. That shirley looks a good player - I wonder if wencould get someone slightly worse than him to sign
  16. someone needs to start investigating refs bank accounts
  17. Pardew's swan song..... Music (well sort of)
  18. Just seen the so called headbutt. All Pardew did was place his head on some big ugly **** who damn
  19. I see a lot of people who were unable to post for so so long have joyously returned
  20. We do not have any strikers ,who the f**k is Ozil supposed to pass to ???
  21. To be honest I prefer our other type of season. Start poorly and finish strongly.
  22. Dammit Giroud Bang head
  23. Arsene Wenger, please give my Arsenal to someone else
  24. Loooooooool Clap
  25. Oh dear, Sol Campbell has got Paul Ince disease ****er
  26. Can somewon please explain exactly what went wrong yesterday?
  27. Last week I thought we were nailed on for our 4th place trophy. I am not so sure any more.
  28. Get in! Suck on that plastics.
  29. Nice to see a hair tribute to Phil Oakley from Aguero.
  30. Wasn't that meant as a pass? Rub chin
  31. My word hehe
  32. Ridicules goal hehe
  33. UK type weather for Oscars day.
  34. Everton Home
  35. How very predictable.
  36. Useless c*nt Fletcher. Everything that's s*it about modern footballers. So one footed
  37. We're doomed!
  38. Board must be kicking themselves now, re that c**ting plan to land Suarez. ****er s
  39. Cant see it but......come on Cardiff
  40. Mtach and a half just about to start on SS4, Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid
  41. Koke adds life, so to speak.
  42. scum 1-0 soldado
  43. Boom. 2-1.
  44. so. .. It looks like Giroud puts his knob to use when the team travel to away games a day early.
  45. Armstrong is so biased towards Real hehe
  46. Who and from what position are City scoring their goals?
  47. according to caughtoffside.com Arsenal scouts advised against signing Urghzil in
  48. Will Vermaelen, Arteta or Mertersacker be presented with the FA cup?
  49. John Henry admits Suarez did have a release clause of 40m, lied to the player and hoped for the best
  50. so what team should be put out vs everton ?
  51. Rory imploding again.
  52. How good is Ronnie?
  53. actually I'm wrong we DID sign Kim Kallstrom in January….he will save us..
  54. true to form
  55. Top Gear sticking it to Piers Morgan and cyclists hehe
  56. is world heading for new cold war
  57. It is quite amazing that we lasted so long as the top, isn't it? Giroud is good but when compared to
  58. So this Pistorius fellow - he's guilty as sin, isn't he? One has to admire his sheer audacity of his
  59. Can today end now please.
  60. My love affair with Johnny Turk continues, AWIMB.
  61. I watched 12 years a slave last night. I'm not sure it's worth
  62. Skinflint. Tight arse, Thrifty, Stingy, cheapskate, scrooge, wimb.
  63. Oh God, the Ottoman has a claim on Crimea?
  64. Hague: "Britain is not considering military intervention in Ukraine"
  65. Fash - Waitrose does free coffee if you have a free 'My Waitrose' card.
  66. Are we going to get shafted by City in the semis of the final of the FA Cup?
  67. Hide Gratuitous football-related post Hide
  68. Ukraine is Russian. Why can't we leave it that way?
  69. stargooner lives , dei gratia
  70. Fairplay to Liverpool for sticking to their guns, I suppose.
  71. Mucus, viruses, hormones and up to 1 billion bacteria are exchanged with one French kiss. Puke
  72. Does Sol Campbell have a point?
  73. Is Putin doing one of these soon?.......:copycat:
  74. Who's into fluxus? Great video piece here.
  75. So that Henry bloke at Liverpool has admitted that Suarez had a 40million buy out clause which we
  76. Russian troops massing along Polish border.
  77. Had my filling put in today. Just some advice
  78. I've just imagined a mental picture of Arshavin being conscripted
  79. Nothing quite fills me with as much dread as the phrase "inspirational speaker"
  80. What is all the hysteria about World War III? We will not use military assets against Russia and
  81. I'm worried about la. When those T-72s roll across the border they'll have him shovelled into a
  82. Ballers
  83. Hat tip to the unnoticed John Badham/Matthew Broderick fan...
  84. The Crimean/Ukraine ladies seem pretty damn happy with Ruskis imo
  85. Has anyone a spare tin hat?
  86. Sooooo If WW3 kicks off will we still have cheltenham next week?
  87. Barraco Barner hehe
  88. So the Russians have given Ukiranian troops until 0300GMT to surrender to them or face a 'storm'.
  89. Clearly the Winter Olympics has gone to Russia's heads.
  90. How do things stand with precious bodily fluids in the Crimea, anyway?
  91. As a warning to Russia I believe Chelsea should be put into administration with immediate effect.
  92. ComputerWimb I have a problem with my web browsers, in particular Chrome
  93. FA charge Charlie Adam for violent conduct (on Giroud), Stoke surprised and disappointed
  94. After watching the replay I'm wondering why Kosc had that grin after he was penalized instead of
  95. Putin's given reasons for invading Ukraine similar to Hitler's to take Austria.
  96. I suppose we have to hope Chelsea beat Scum now. Holding onto a CL place more important than a faint
  97. Why do I not get email notifications sent when somebody replies to a post of mine on here anymore!?
  98. Hosts Olympics, shortly afterwards invades neighbouring country Rub chin
  99. What should I have for dinner tonight, do you think?
  100. Marve Fashing it up on here this morning I see.
  101. Is it only women who send emails marked as high importance?
  102. Ah well, that explains the PIE stuff coming out in the last fortnight
  103. Ozil at it again....when will Arsene come down hard on him
  104. Little big Per
  105. Charlie Adam really is a popular boy isn't he
  106. ECU fault on my 05 Astra. It won't start. Is an Vauxhall dealer the only place that can fix it?
  107. Ramsey also to sign a new 5 year deal in the coming days Clound Nine
  108. Should Chelsea FC be nationalised?
  109. Not looking so hot on Sagna renewing. Mert and Rosicky extensions just announced
  110. At the risk of a stoning here, I couldn't give a flying one if Putin marches into Crimea
  111. Well I, for one, am more than a touch disappointed by the whole thing.
  112. I hate when you buy a lunch and they swindle you buy slipping in a can of drink
  113. Are you all going to prepare for Lent by using the last of your fat to make pancakes
  114. So as the bin-dippers have announced a 50 million loss they won't qualify for the ECL anyway?
  115. Arsenal vs swansea now on tuesday march 25th
  116. Obamas f**ked now..Seagal coming out on the Ruskis side...
  117. Mertesacker, Rosicky and Ramsey all renew. Still an eerie silence on Arsene's contract
  118. Putin's shat in his pants.
  119. I say, old chaps, it seems that this horrid Crimea business
  120. If the Ox is our player of the month why doesn't he get more starts? Bang head
  121. :drink: Sitting hear getting quietly sozzled on rum as the missus is away on business and
  122. hehe This is a good tweet from Jack Dee: On my 10th birthday my Dad took me into town to choose a
  123. Check this out and be sure to read the description. I bet she wonders why no-one
  124. What do the Putin fans on this site think of his views on homosexuality?
  125. There's a little voice in your head reading this right now. Wave
  126. Has Awimb done the Oscar selfie yet? Yikes
  127. My hair is becoming increasingly grey on the sides.
  128. Oooh, this sounds smug, pointless and medically inadvisable :popcorn:
  129. There is a Chinese bloke at work who calls me James. I told him that's not my name.
  130. There's really no getting away from it; I-phones and probably smartphones generally
  131. I have decided I must invent something such as an app. That google etc will end up buying from me
  132. James Pattinson & Shane Watson & Brad Haddin & Mitchell Johnson
  133. Stewart Lee, best comedian I've seen for yonks
  134. Actually I think the tree looks like Ozil hehe
  135. Someone just told me they're giving up coffee for Lent. Indifferent
  136. Computerwimb: Deep joy I've got rid of the Chrome problen I reported the other day =>
  137. Sophieschoicewimb - Bloody Waitrose have Tate & Lyle brown sugar cubes but La Perruche white sugar
  138. JW Henry has admitted that Suarez did have a buyout clause of 40m
  139. I just went to the petrol station for a sarnie and watched in awe as a sunshine bus full of, well,
  140. Jorge - one thing about that Decoded place which struck me.
  141. Speaking of special needs people - yesterday I saw a debate program
  142. I've just been dentally raped
  143. Will RvP return?
  144. headwand Ticketmaster has to be the worst user friendly site known to man
  145. People with Downs can also, in some cases be good at football, I understand
  146. Has anybody watched Duck Dynasty? I have and can was thinking
  147. BBC3 to be axed, they're coming for BBC4 arent they? Frown
  148. Long haul flying
  149. So I sent away for the application forms to become a magistrate.
  150. I rarely watch normal telly but I was having a look at Quest the other day. Whilst I used to enjoy
  151. People who begin work-related emails to several people that begin 'Hi guys'...
  152. The Black Keys' Brothers album is kickass.
  153. Can you still get fruity HP sauce?
  154. Is it wrong that I sniggered when I found out my new contact in our Hong Kong office
  155. Half a squad of injury prones, half a squad of decents, fail to spend in the January window, pop
  156. Thumb Up Stoke City's Charlie Adam has been suspended for 3 matches by the FA after Olivier Giroud
  157. apparently RVP is unhappy at manure and wants to come back
  158. ten minutes gone and Chile are playing Germany off the park Yikes
  159. Russia have beaten Armenia, when do they start on Ukraine?
  160. Wilshere already injured
  161. nice touch from a.cole
  162. Wilshere injured
  163. Ashley Williams. ****er
  164. Goal no 1. Assisted by Mr G Bale Clound Nine
  165. Ukraine leading the US 1-0! Now for Russia....
  166. 5 Liverpool players in the England starting line-up, A Cole also starts
  167. What goal by Garra B Bow
  168. Kallstrom the new saviour & answer to our prayers will lead us to glory.
  169. would love it if Bendtner scored a peach right now
  170. Nay borra... Clap
  171. f**king bin dipper c**t, offside, handball, never a pelanty dive.
  172. Christ is it still 0-0
  173. Roy doesn't look happy
  174. Lallana would be a good summer buy for us except he is English so I suppose unlikely
  175. Did he have a Staffy stiffy? >>>>
  176. f**k me hehe Check out this miss by Benteke hehe
  177. Is this racist? really? Arent we letting PC get out of hand
  178. what the point of these international friendies
  179. Kevin The KO Kid Lerena
  180. It's been a bit sunny for a day or so. What time do they announce hose pipe ban?
  181. Shoreditch now has its own petting zoo for hipster types.
  182. :SH*T: Koscielny A Doubt To Face Everton After Picking Up Hamstring Issue Bang head
  183. De Boer to Arsenal next season...with DB10 as his assistant....got a feeling this will happen
  184. Joel Campbell, another good goal last night >>
  185. Would you replace your morning alarm with an iPhone alarm that wakes you up with the smell of bacon?
  186. Frown Marlboro cigarettes in Canada do not have Marlboro written on them.
  187. Yo Pat....I've heard Ronda Rousey vs Arriany Celeste could happen this year...
  188. Well Done Naymar imo
  190. The live tweeting from the Max Clifford trial is interesting
  191. Pffft. I used to like Shoreditch before it became cool.
  192. I rarely pay for anything with cash anymore. Which is sometimes a pain in the arse.
  193. What do we want from Chelsea vs Spurs? I guess it has to be a draw, doesn't it.
  194. Jehovah's Witnesses trying to get deaf people to stop masturbating ==>
  195. The answer to Cole v Shaw for the 2nd England left-back spot is obviously Gibbs. Alan Smith is
  196. Is Kallstrom even going to be fit this season. What CMs do we have left now? Arteta, Rosicky, Ox..?
  198. Wilshere 6 weeks
  199. God save the queen.
  200. Is there a solution to post-cut residual hair falling down your neck, back and chest for the rest
  201. 'an area of his foot which has not been previously injured'
  202. Putin's response to the complaints about his Ukraine policy is "you can Crimea river".
  203. I'm going to New York in a couple of weeks and I have 2 questions
  204. Roy Hodgson is sad about Jack's injury, I hope you all understand and we move on
  205. Are there any fun runs left which have not been hijacked by charities?
  206. Arrys working his magic at QPR. 54m loss and a higher wage bill than last season. RIP hehe
  207. Wilshere should be taking vitamin D and drinking more milk to strengthen his bones.
  208. Wil***ingshere
  209. How brilliant was 37 Days, looking forward to the next episode
  210. Probably of no interest to most of you but its free entry at RHS Wisley tomorrow
  211. we built this city!
  212. Apology to Ears
  213. What is all this Obama bashing all about?
  214. CEO of bitcoin exchange found dead in Singapore. What does this mean?
  215. Wilf*ckingshire
  216. What's for dinner? I am making partridge cordon bleu stuffed with bresaola and reblochon
  217. What the f**k....... Wilshere out for 6 weeks?
  218. Well done Nik (or do you prefer "Sam"?) Thumb Up
  219. "I mean, I could run - but then what about the paying customers?"
  220. Greg Dyke is a prick , since when is he a f**king medical expert ?
  221. Am I the only one getting a bit fed up with the disproportionate continuing coverage of the Stephen
  222. Not liking the lack of Doddy love on here. Frown
  223. Football Hipster Book Reviews #1 Fear and Loathing in La Liga
  224. I think we are rather overlooking the most important question, here.
  225. Yesterday I eceived a Notice of Distress warrant for non-payment of a Magistrate’s Fine
  226. Micah Richards' contract is up in the summer, replacement for Bac?
  227. Speaking of things Romanian, this drunk chap did a manful job on the pitch markings
  228. Sky Sports News understands that YOU CANT SAY THAT!!
  229. Talking of matters legal, my gf has just texted me to let me know she's just shopped a drug dealer.
  230. Talking of the Police. they really have f*cked up in the last few years.
  231. Bugger. Turns out the original offence leading to the request for confirmation of the driver
  232. Sorry but I just can't see anything remotely cool about this guys hat
  233. for info, biggest cheer so far, for Ukraine
  234. hehe russian athletes walking out to music called "Goodbye America"
  235. Wonder if Ukraine Paralympians will get boo'd in the opening ceremony
  236. Whilst we are on the subject of burgers. I am having difficulty making home made burgers
  237. Parks and Recreation, what say you awimb?
  238. Say you had a reasonable windfall. Like winning 15k at the casino
  239. Blimey... CY of SIMB has passed away due to a heart attack
  240. I am currently re-watching The Wire from day one.
  241. God almighty - RIP awimb Frown
  242. Is this for real? Greg Dyke blames Arsene Wenger for ruining England's World Cup dreams
  243. 'Realtor' Just what kind of word abomination is that ?
  244. Well said Thierry Henry. Speaks perfect sense on bbc
  245. Ok given that our champions league campaign likely ends next week pretty much at our 'right' level..
  246. russians plus pro-russian paras on loose in crimea
  247. Camerawimb. I want to buy a camera 200 - 250. must be on Amazon.
  248. The children of the Crimean Tatars are known as Tatar Tots.
  249. Oh Bollox! The West Brom Man U game is on telly the same time as Arsenal. Seeing as I'll be in a
  250. spot of scrambled egg then off to the game - come on u Reds!!