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  1. Very strong rumours that Real have made a bid for Suarez tonight, Benzeman to Arsenal please?
  2. Even if we are funding THFC spending spree by paying Real enough to enable them to buy Bale
  3. Uggghhh PSG hijacking Ozil bid. f**k off frenchie (no offence Olivier)
  4. Lady G. Told you the ultimate sacrifice would be worthwhile
  5. Anyone seen Abel Hernandez?
  6. hehe
  7. The relationship between Bould and AW seems better this year?
  8. Someone's gone to the effort of making a compilation formulated entirely of Ozil's nutmegs.
  9. giroud: we can find each other without open our eyes. has he seen who we're about to sign?! Yikes
  10. First time viewing for me. The Expendables.
  11. Here's the look from Wenger that we were all waiting for. Something's afoot!
  12. check out shensney's video on facebox Clap I've almost forgiven him for Birmingham now
  13. So what does AWIMB think our total summer spending will be at this time tomorrow?
  14. Seems Ingerlund have a few injury problems. cant wait for their game now.
  15. That face that Szczęsny makes at the conclusion of the video has made me his eternal
  16. Fair play to John Cross. In his latest article he claims we may sign Özil permanently, we may
  17. Isn't Ozil more of a Carzola-esque player?
  18. What a **** Souness is, very critical of Ramsey and obvious not watched him before today's game
  19. I think Flamini might turn out to be a big player for us. His energy and constant biting
  20. West Brom, Hull and Spurs yet to score a goal in the league from open play.
  21. Here;'s a very balanced and accurate view of the game from
  22. Lovely bit of banner work from the lads, there
  23. There seems to be dissenting views,but I thought that was our most controlled nld performance
  24. College Football Season got under way this week. Hope everyone's team got off to a flyer!
  25. Hey Seasider, are you still coming over to Oz to watch us hammer you in the Ashes?
  26. Scum fans reckon we're elated about winning, while they are disappointed at not getting anything.
  27. So rumours that we'll break our transfer record TWICE tomorrow! hmmm
  28. A new low for da chief. Now he's posting under my name. What a ****er
  29. MOTD on in 9 mins. Bet we're on 2nd
  30. No team has taken more points than Arsenal in this calendar year :trophy:
  31. Sorry Skype****s .. great flick I'm watching on TCM
  32. the board becomes pretty ragged around this hour. think I might wait for the pearls of the dayshift.
  33. Of the three players we've been linked with from R. Madrid I hope that Ozil is the one we get
  34. Fancy a kebab?
  35. That 'Football for Dummies' DVD must be a long one
  36. Dear Chief Read it
  37. is this who we're allegedly signing? this could be fun hehe
  38. Spurs spent 110 million and we were far more dangerous
  40. Can't wait for my good surprise
  41. great day, great attitude on the pitch and great fans
  42. Marca report Ozil has rejected Arsenal
  43. Possibly my favourite thing in the whole NLD was Per's tackle that started
  44. German sources say we're in talks with Özil. 5/6 year deal.
  45. Brilliant quote from Twitchy about how he helped Bale sort out his mental toughness on the BBC...
  46. Gareth Barry to Everton, thank f**k for that
  47. deadline day
  48. Not like me to get carried away.
  49. capoue didnt break any bones, apparently.
  50. This simply can't be true, no way
  51. We are back in for Suarez, Madrid putting pressure on Ozil to come to us
  52. Manure in for Ozil apparantly, SSN being the source
  53. I'm hearing rumours the Ozil deal stalled, late last night
  54. With Ozil and Suarez we would win the league.
  55. Van Persie wants out
  56. I can't decide whether to get Ozil or Flamini or the back of the shirt. Matty is edging it atm.
  57. I've heard Suarez to Real, Demba Ba to Liverpool, Ozil to United and Rooney to Arsenal.......
  58. United in for Ozil Frown
  59. United in for Rooney Frown
  60. Apparently Fellacio to United is a done deal ...
  61. Ozil's agent has enquired about standard of food at Yildiz!
  62. Giroud is a french Mario Gomez.....slow; good hair; granite chin and a nose for goals Bow
  63. Recommendation
  64. With Ozil and Rooney we would win the league.
  65. It ain't gonna happen is it?
  66. Viviano is probably our first signing on the deadline day ..
  67. United NOT in for Ozil Clound Nine
  68. Yikes....got diverted to local slags.com....what's up with this site :o
  69. So if we do sign Ozil who loses their place?
  70. Pacy, hard working, very exciting to watch
  71. You are all aware that Sky sources = Twitter. Ozil is coming here
  72. According to reputable sources, sportsdirectnews.com, we're in for Muriel
  73. I don't post on here very often. But I can tell you we are working on deals for Kagawa and Torres
  74. Worst day of the football calender.FACT.
  75. Phillip Hammond just said "We need to hope Saddam doesnt do more chemical attacks" hehe
  76. The SSN man outside Utd's training ground just said they're not interested in Özil. So SSN
  77. SSN. 2 stories, 1. Manure in talks with Ozil 2. Manure have no interest in Ozil!!!
  78. Would have like either Sky or MotD to have shown that claim by Lloris again
  79. Is it true SSN give out the odds as they break these "sky sources" stories?
  80. Guys just a warning but Mesut might be on AWIMB later
  81. Some excellent fingerwork here
  82. So if the fees being reported are correct Spurs have spent
  83. I think the best thing about beating Tottenham is the way they seem able to convince themsel
  84. whatever happened to NB52 ? Crystal Palace are now after Vaz Te
  85. Why do RM and Barca do these player presentation thingys?
  86. Will Arsenal be Abel to sign Hernandez?
  87. This Aages well for us
  88. Keeper done deal according to John Cross
  89. The Deal will fall through once Real confirm the Ape DNA
  90. Given the lack of available world class strikers would you be pleased with Ba on loan?
  91. Ozil. Oh please be true
  92. Kaka on a free was surprising. That one didn't pan out, did it?
  93. Rub chin So, who's the next target after 'Urghh-zill'? Rub chin
  94. We could be about to pay £43m for ONE player Oh
  95. John Cross 'hearing' Ozil is done to Arsenal on a permanent deal hehe
  96. Tancredi Palmeri reckons PSG have gazumped us for Ozil
  97. One of my Spud contacts says: I actually don't think I would swap
  98. I fancy some of this
  99. Thumb Up Gazidis: “We can do some things which would excite you.” Thu</a></li>
	<li> <a href=We qualified for the CL, We beat Tottenham, We might buy some big name players.
  100. Steve Claridge quote from 2006 on 17 years-old Gareth Bale >>>>
  101. I wonder if they are going to do a Sol type surprise like unveiling Rooney for example
  102. Journos saying £46m, player is having a medical in Germany now. I feel dirty.
  103. Crikey
  104. Why do I keep seeing Fortoft's name popping up here?
  105. best thing about yesterday's performance
  106. I'm sorry but am the only person a bit , well, underwhelmed by the Ozil signing?
  107. Shout Spend some more f**king money Shout
  108. I think Bale should trot out on to the pitch to The Specials' Monkey Man.
  109. Shame there is international break. I will be keen to see our new signing(s)
  110. Right now lets break our transfer record again today
  111. Just what is the point in having our very own ludicrous Oligarch.
  112. Bang head Medical being held up
  113. SSN still has : Arsenal face Ozil battle''....they are not pleased wtf that he's going to us..
  114. BBC say it's official - come on SSN
  115. Apparantly we have not just beaten our own transfer record, we've beaten Citeh's too....
  116. Unusually non publicity-savvy of David Frost to cark it just before Transfer Deadline Day imo.
  117. If we had lost yesterday would Ozil be deemed as a panic buy?
  118. Ba on loan?
  119. John Cross reckons we wanted Demba Ba back in January
  120. Anybody need a Wheelie Bin
  121. Viviano medical
  122. Frown No se vende Ozil
  123. We should all email Daniel Levy and thank him for making it possible to sign Özil.
  124. on another note loads of pressure for bale to produce the goods in Madrid
  125. You're getting some player in Ozil lads
  126. In other news
  127. any else seen this "when the spurs go" video?
  128. Why the long face Gareth, it's what you wanted, innit?
  129. SPENSAMFAKKINMA..........oh..........Passion!?!
  130. Is La wandering around the Alliance Arena trying to spot Ozil?
  131. As a fan of football, pleased to see the scenes at Bernabau. That's what it's about, right there
  132. sunderland signing borini so we sign abel hernandez?
  133. Cesc is watching Bale's unveiling, thinking "folk, they set me on fire and I still did the keepie up
  134. I just know that we're gonna be paying 50 million for Baines and Fellaini
  135. Ozil at 180k/w apparently...
  136. Shinji Kagawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  137. Cheeky £1,000,001 bid for Lewis Holtby?
  138. German Clound Nine
  139. The massive CUM fest has started Bow
  140. Who will Ivan and Arsene be working on next, then? Ozil's having his medical so we can leave him to
  141. Enquired about Ba
  143. According to something I read Ozil has the best statistics for assists.
  144. VanWimb...Thinking of buying a small van for fishing trips...any good ideas?
  145. my heart cannot take any more exitement, shall i dare buy him on fifa yet?
  146. I was thinking yesterday that for all our moaning imagine being
  147. Was Ozil's usual place for Madrid, Theos place on the right?
  148. Can we take it we are not buying Cesc next year even if he becomes available ..
  149. Have we signed Arshavin yet?
  150. Does mean Rosicky will be going to one direction Cry
  151. So how do my tactically illiterate awimb friends see Ozil fitting into a first choice 11?
  152. Guillem Balague appears and the lies flow thick and fast
  153. The German transfer deadline has passed, I am assuming they can'y buy but can still sell, right?
  154. I think all talk of our supposed signing should be suspended until
  155. To warm us up, here's a 'youtube clip' of ozil's best moments, simply put he's a PHENOM.
  156. Bit **** that we make a massive signing and we couldnt get him to pass the fans
  157. Ozil Gummidge lololol.
  158. Are there any precedents of a player of his calibre being forced out of
  159. Ba would be a loan. Chelsea want £3m loan fee and we want to give em £1.5m
  160. Its finally happening!
  161. These 'medicals' really are a load of bollox.
  162. Dear me, what a whinging eejit - WARNING cricket CONTENT INSIDE.
  163. Russian parliament request for dialogue on Syria with Congress a great idea, how about adding gay
  164. Hulk to Spud for £10m according to SSN
  165. Viviano transfer is now official according to Italian Sky Sports hehe
  166. That Ander Herrera Man United pay 36 million for....Panic Buy written all over it!!
  167. Goodnight. When I wake up Ozil will have signed
  168. Bendtner met the Palace chairman but walked out 10 minutes later, must have been
  169. I've been told Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano will be joining a London club today.
  170. The persons who wanted Moyes as Arsenal manager will have their chance next season.
  171. Without wishing to...well...carp, Ozil is a bit ugly, isn't he?
  172. Can someone tell me what Fabianski did wrong? I thought he did well when
  173. Blimey, the Awweee Wednkapp car window shot gets harder as you go down the divisions
  174. Is someone from RM, less likely to want to move to Barca after a couple of years with us?
  175. He's going to get injured playing for Germany isn't he?
  176. lol that guy from sky has been moved inside our training ground, clearly getting hassled
  177. Let's assume Ozil and that keeper are done deals. Do you think we
  178. So have we spunked the lot on Ozil, or do we have anything left over for a decent CH
  179. When will Arse.calm announce the Ozil transfer ...
  180. I got an email saying Ozil for £13M, then I look on the BBC and it is £42.4M hehe
  181. surprised we didn't go for Sakho
  182. Ugarte is coming.
  183. Looks like the other bug eye has got Herrera & Fellaini
  184. Has Kalou passed his medical yet?
  185. wait a minute Ozil having a medical but the feehas not been agreed yet?
  186. Medical passed, personal terms agreed, wearing number 11. Welcome maestro!
  187. done deal to be announced imminently.
  188. According to German media the famous Dr Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt is doing the medical...
  189. I can't be arsed to watch by why is Bale wearing headphones at his unveiling?
  190. I am hitting refresh on Arsenal.com so frequently, they must think I'm a DoS attack hehe
  191. Ozil in but Cazorla going the other way Cry
  192. Fee not agreed yet according to ssn Roll eyes
  193. Conspiracy theory of the day
  194. SSN now say Arsenal could confirm the signing within the hour
  195. Yikes
  196. Getting nervous now as Moyes getting a lot of **** over not going for Orzil
  197. Homer
  198. spurs partnership with Madrid is going very well hehe
  199. Where's our striker!??? Shout
  200. Is it just me or did the "Wenger Out" brigade quietly make themselves scarce yesterday?
  201. Arsenal today have sent a message to the world
  202. Midfield hardman Capoue who needed oxygen and was stretchered off the field
  203. who is the surprise Rooney maybe?
  204. Look, I'm all for this Turko-Kraut but it better not stop Tommy R playing.
  205. Hearing psg in for mata
  206. Definite announcement at 16.30, Ozil is a gooner
  207. TFL photo quiz for Fash Smile Q1; What the hell is this and why?
  208. Another video to celebrate today signings. here we go
  209. With new signings if we do win something i love going
  210. Does anyone think we might have got Suarez if we had bid £55m when we bid
  211. This is why we needed to spend some money. Me and the boy in our kits breaking out the songs
  212. You really couldn't make this up, according to Jamie Redknapp
  213. Well to our magnficent manager. pulled it out of fire today
  214. For reference [url]http://girlswithmesutozileyes.tumblr.com/[/url]
  215. Just adding the finishing touches to my new shirt. I hope the deal doesn't collapse.
  216. Ozil,, blah blah blah. WE NEED A STRIKER! If Giroud ( Love ) gets injured we're ****ed.
  217. I'm hearing Suarez to Real....done and dusted....
  218. Mesut Özil has 72 assists in the last five seasons - more than any other player across Europe
  219. I can imagine Tottenham fans waking up today.
  220. Plymouth have made Reckord signing. From Wolves.
  221. TFL photo quiz for Fash Q2: What was unusual about this Routemaster and which route
  222. Özil's wage demands the main reason why other clubs didn't bite. Will be close to 200k once add-ons
  223. tim payton ‏@timpayton - Still £50m burning a whole in his pocket & 7 hours to go... Oh
  224. so what's up with abel hernandez? we in?
  225. Hearing 6pm as the announcement time. Coming out of Germany. Unlike LA, who is coming out in Germany
  226. Hulk look like he staying according to sky. better luck
  227. I've cut me windows down from 17 to AWIMB, SKY, BBC, Arse.com, and Arsenal's Twitter page
  228. Heyup German Lilly Savage onsky now
  229. Arsenal fan sneaks into shot at spurs training ground.......
  230. Sky Sports News' David Craig says Yohan Cabaye is staying at NUFC
  231. We will also have the most expensive German ever sold Clound Nine
  232. Not one signing for us and we'll still win the league
  233. Love this line from Paul Hayward hehe
  234. Now down to 12-1 to win the league with Paddy Power, think it was 25's last week.
  235. Can I just ask. Is he any good? On a scale from Santi to DB10 how good is he?
  236. Lies, damned lies and statistics. Bale and Ozzy....>
  237. david may saying man united transfer policy not good on
  238. United failed in bid to get baines according to guardian
  239. A keeper, a DM, a creative mid, and a striker? Very, very well done IMO.
  240. Robbie Savage & Tony Pullis on the bbc transfer countdown if ever there was a reason to watch sky
  241. I hate to sound spolit but are we going to sign anyone else? Ozil doesn't help much with the issue
  242. Sky saying ozil passed medical. What a f**king day
  243. Ozil's resume sounds both good and not so good.
  244. Ozil, the view from Germany
  245. Who's Wayne Veysey? Reports 40m fee, 5ys contract and 130,000 a week.
  246. Have we signed him yet? I'm always skeptical about business deals involving Real Madrid
  247. Stephen ireland going to stoke according to bbc
  248. With Cazorla AND Özil now playing behind him I think Giroud will get
  249. 1,000,000 tweets about Ozil on Twitter. Paulinho = 3