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Thread: We're going to beat Villa at home and the geniuses will explain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burney View Post
    Totally worth it.
    That demonstrates a degree of selfishness usually associated with socialists.

    Are you a socialist, b?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokster View Post
    So to sum it up, Berni is a ****
    Well, the summer after he cursed us is when it all started to go completely tîts up.

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    If we lose to Frankfurt and Villa then OGS could P45 Unai

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    Record would be 5 wins in 15...not counting Baku

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbert Augustus Chapman View Post
    200,000 senile men in France. 99% of them would be french and being french means they would also all be çunts so the search for another senile french çunt would have been quite straightforward.
    It’s interesting that only you and the moose botherer lack the wit to respond with anything beyond profanity. One wonders whether this is simply a matter of ignorance, or whether you are simply embarrassed.

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    "We're going to beat Villa at home .."

    Quote Originally Posted by Sir C View Post
    that this shows how much Emery has improved us.

    Then we go to Old Trafford.

    Honestly, the only thing left to do is laugh.
    "Plenty of strikers can score goals," he said, gesturing to the famous old stands casting shadows around us.

    "But a lot have found it difficult wearing the number 9 shirt for The Arsenal."

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