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Thread: I remember when the fixtures being announced would be classed as a big thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir C View Post
    Well at least you've got another promotion campaign to get vaguely interested in.

    I've got nothing.

    There's not even any point following transfer rumours as we don't have the money to by anyone with the ability to play CL footie. By the time the likes of Ozil, Mhiky, Mustafi and Xhaka are off the wage bill, our two star strikers will be past it, Kos and Nacho will be gone, and we won't have anyone in the team who can score or make a goal.

    Kronke was destroyed over a century of proud history, just to make himself more millions from the misery of others. I have more respect for arms dealers.

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    Allegri taking a year off just in time for when Unai’s contract runs out.

    As things stand I doubt we’ll finish in the top 10 next season.

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    Latest news - Edu close to joining

    That’s it

    What the f is he going to do?

    What is Raul doing? Just wind and p iss everyday.

    No wonder Barca let him go...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony C View Post
    Latest news - Edu close to joining

    That’s it

    What the f is he going to do?
    Nothing this year, but next year we'll be hoovering up all the young Brazilian talent. Work permits won't be a problem post Brexit. :cough:

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