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Thread: I see John Cleese has unleashed a shítstorm by the simple expedient of stating a fact

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burney View Post
    Look it up if you don't believe me.
    I'm not reading back through all of the posts on her but did you define what is indigenous?
    "Scoring a goal is better than sex" - Whoever said that was sticking it to the wrong woman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burney View Post
    It makes sense in so far as to say that someone who has benefited from freedom of movement by coming to London is more likely to support Remain than Leave. It also makes sense in that those with no history in this country are less likely to be affected by appeals to our traditions of independence, sovereignty and democratic representation.
    You don’t know many immigrants do you?

    Pulling up,the laddder seems to be a near universal trait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IUFG View Post
    Lets not forget that London, in the main, is quite a dreadful place.
    But it’s the only place in England anyone from outside would chose to live in. Have you eaten outside London and Cumbria?

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