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Thread: Can someone explain to me exactly why 'no deal' has been removed for good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ash View Post
    Yes, it's a terrible negotiating stance, and they're doing it because they have never had any intention of implementing the Leave decision.

    Taking no deal off the table has made no difference as we will still be in a no deal situation in 2 weeks time.

    What it has done is made May's non-deal more likely but she may not be able to bring that vote back in this session of parliament without changes to the motion. It is unlikely that the EU will grant an extension without a plan and it is quite clear that there isn't much of a plan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yesterday Once More View Post
    If the Italians prevented this sabotage, I'd buy them all a prosecco.
    I think they've all got scooters already YOM
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbert Augustus Chapman View Post
    So Ash - you're clearly a politically astute chap so 'splain me this. Why does this speaker bloke, practically a convicted rapist by all accounts, insist on bellowing out the result of a vote we have all managed to hear perfectly well just two seconds before?

    Strikes me as a bit of a garrulous arse.
    I've no idea, Herbs. Apparently monstrous pomposity is a prime component of parliamentary procedure.

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