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Thread: So last night did restore at least a tiny scrap of my faith in our democracy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monty92 View Post
    So what is the "small fudge" that wouldn't surprise you?
    I havenít mentioned a Ďsmall fudgeí, m. Thatís your term.
    For anything to happen, the EU will have to bend its Single Market rules. Itís that or No Deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burney View Post

    The only options now are deal and no deal. I would guess a fudged deal will happen, but I wouldnít put any money on it.
    Letís hope the UK arenít stupid enough to pay any of the 350 billion out to the EU either, before securing a trade agreement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burney View Post
    Mind you, itís more a function of everyone being desperate to have someone else to blame when No Deal happens than any commitment to honouring the outcome of the referendum, but fýck it, Iíll take it.
    What happened last night?

    I gave up following 'The News' some time ago. They should rename it 'The Narrative' imo.

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