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Thread: It had been a complete **** shower

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    That bad huh?

    Saw it coming a mile off.

    My feeling is the lads all knew it was going to happen.

    Different mindset compared to when we played them and Spurs earlier in the season.

    You could sense it...even Ozil faked a knee injury to avoid it.

    I would give them credit for taking it like men but they get paid millions to play. So f them.

    Fair play to Liverpool. They’ve done a City and bought the League but they’re Liverpool so it will be forgotten they spent £150m on goal keeper and a centre half.

    Meanwhile we’re having to make do with long term project Leno and free transfers Kolasinac and old man Lichsteiner.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WES View Post
    We handed them 3 goals with comical defending - the first goal and both pens. That’s a pretty good way to lose a football match.

    Still proud of the way we went forward and caused them trouble all game but we really do need two more defenders, at least.
    I didn't bother with the 2nd half.... but it seemed that we handed them 4 goals in the first half from a combination of individual and collective errors. Even Firminho dancing through our back line was comical in its ease.
    "Scoring a goal is better than sex" - Whoever said that was sticking it to the wrong woman

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