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Thread: Anyone been to Piebury Corner on Holloway Road who can confirm

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    Quote Originally Posted by SWv2 View Post
    No. Diet Coke is the Manuel Almunia of shít soft drinks.
    Every chick in the world seems to drink it.

    I always suspected this to be further evidence that women are irredeemable ****ers

    Cue Berni telling me I'm a fine one to talk
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir C View Post
    This is The Emirates we're talking about. The bloke is far more likely to be calling one of our players a cúnt.
    Indeed that was my experience at the last game I brought him to, a draw with City. Didn't help that Sané scored after about 2 minutes and the bloke behind us let rip.

    Times have changed though Dutch. We're not shít anymore.

    Unai Emery's red & white army.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SWv2 View Post
    I didn't go to Pizza Hut.

    The one a few doors up from Bunsen. Pizza Express?
    Pizza Express on Islington Green?

    I remember very old school days there was a place called Biguns Ribs

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    Quote Originally Posted by SWv2 View Post
    Ah yes, a pivotal moment in any father / son relationship. I took my lad for pizza on Upper Street before his.

    Make sure to stop at the two bags for £1 man between the tube station and ground.

    I wish you well.
    It’s 2 pounds now. He put his prices up

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