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Thread: Ok I've just watched the goal again and it was quite good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter View Post
    Was the arson thing *******s? I mean, your mate has dropped you all right in it there.

    Was it just a bit of weed or anything heavier?

    A mate of mine recently had two coppers arrive at his house because he had ordered some CBD stuff from abroad. THey asked if they could come in. He said yes (**** knows why). They smelt the weed, asked him if they could search the house and he just handed everything over- three ounces of weed, bongs, a few bits an bobs of bagged up weed.

    He ended up with a caution..... they cant be ****ing arsed with it these days, they just dont have the resources.
    Yes, total *******s. My mate was pulled over as he was basically stood watching a fire as he made his way home from the pub/club or whatever, had become detached from the rest of us. Banajxed drunk, Irish and had the means of starting a fire in respect of a lighter because oddly enough he smoked.

    Now I expect he was perhaps quite obstreperous when spoken to but the whole thing was a farce. His clothes were detained for forensic whatever and he had to travel back to London in one of those paper suits the Police would give one. Neither me nor my other mate had anything to give him.

    They obviously then checked his accommodation in case they found 10 lads in balaclavas planning their next move.

    I had small amounts of hash and paraphernalia in my room. Thankfully the other stuff we brought with us was well gone the night before. They then found further paraphernalia in my car when they searched it despite assurance from me that the room search was complete. Genuine error.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burney View Post
    No. Since he grew his hair long, I can't abide him. He looks dirty.

    Also, don't be telling p, but I can't bear a vegan.
    Paddy Jennings, Willie Young, Sol Campbell.

    Being a former Sperzer is dirtier than being a hispter or a vegan (both of whom I despise.)

    But when you pull on the red and white, I support you. Even utter donkeys like Stepanovs.

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