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Thread: Mamma Mia Italy gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokster View Post
    little dig??? You say you don't watch the tournament but then complain Italy are negative... how is that a dig???
    I can't be arsed with the sheer tedium I'm afraid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burney View Post
    Brilliant reasoning, well done b
    Northern Monkey ... who can't upload a bleeding Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokster View Post
    Brilliant reasoning, well done b
    Listen, I make no secret of the fact that I think international football is largely wànk, but nowhere have I ever said that I don't watch World Cup or European Championship games. Nowhere - that's just something you've invented for the purposes of argument.

    Indeed, me saying that I believe such tournaments are a bit shît is in fact proof that I've actually watched them since if I hadn't I wouldn't have an opinion, would I, ffs? I think the Champions League is shït, too. Does that mean I've never watched it either? Ditto the Olympics?

    So if you're going to invent a premise out of whole cloth in order to argue with me, don't act all fücking surprised if I choose not to engage with you or find the idea of doing so unutterably fücking tedious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat Vegas View Post
    fun times in the Pat Vegas household.

    che cazzo
    On the other hand Goats be getting his oats imo
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    Fancy a big fat O-O tonight.

    Might go all the way this won.

    Ireland will do everything possible to avoid the away goal and the Danes are exactly known for their attacking prowess.

    Could be a very long evening....

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