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Thread: The Donald's gone soft on drugs. I expected him to announce the

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burney View Post
    I take your point, but you have to bear in mind that, by the standards of most developed nations, the US medical market is a free-for-all in which prescription medicines are advertised on TV (this doesn't happen in other countries), in which all that matters is the level of insurance possessed by the patient, in which the patient is a customer to be pleased first and foremost and in which doctors are actively lobbied (and paid) by pharmaceutical company reps to push their pills.

    God knows I'm not trying to advocate for our rather Stalinist model of healthcare, I'm just trying to give you an idea of how weird your system looks from outside and suggesting how it has contributed to the problem you describe.
    It's a bloody mess and there is no doubt that it's present set up is a major factor, much like our current 3 centre halve back line is contributing to our horrific goals allowed rate.

    We did have one free market medical system in one specific area -- laser eye surgery. When that came about in the 90's neither the insurance companies nor the government would agree to pay for it. What you saw was a rapid increase in quality, productivity and a subsequent decline in price. What began as a rather speculative $15,000 operation became in a decade a mundane $500 an eyeball procedure in sort of a factory line approach with incredible technological advancement and extremely low 'adverse outcomes".

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    I effectively now micro-dose. I only need one or two draws on an average joint to lift me off terra firma just enough to put a little sparkle on things. I refuse to get mashed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbert Augustus Chapman View Post
    Had no idea whatsoever Chief.

    Did your son get into difficulties with high strength weed? I first encountered it circa 1981 in Germany. Such powerful columbian grass it induced what I later discovered was Paranoid Psychosis.

    I also witnessed the conspiracy of silence that weed smokers indulged in about there being any ill affects or negatives about cannabis use.
    Well,it's a lot stronger now than the stuff I encountered while listening to Dark Side of the Moon back in the day. We might have been a bit too quick on the trigger as it turned out he wasn't all in that bad of shape, however he quickly got off the path he was on so well done mom and dad I say. don't let your kid form a rock band! In retrospect glad he was a drummer as practice is at the drummer's house. that is where mom found the telltale evidence and the household went into Defcon 1 mode, blowing past the other 4 levels.

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