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Thread: Season ticket games for sale

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    Season ticket games for sale

    Long story short, having waited 10 years (or whatever it was) to get a season ticket I finally get one when I'm skint (lost my job)!

    So (for the time being) I'm selling games as and when they become available to me on the ticket system at a price around the same as I get back from AFC ticket exchange so these are great prices for the buyer saving up to 10 - at the moment I have these available;

    2nd Nov Red Star @ 19
    29th Nov Huddersfield @ 31
    2nd Dec Man Utd @ 75
    7th Dec FC Bate @ 19

    I can provide my eBay details and AVForums also where you will find excellent feedback and can message me via those to confirm it's me.

    I would consider a long-term agreement with a long standing member who is fairly local to GU14.

    Anyway, that's the long and the short of it, the seat is Upper BK110 Row 20

    seat view.jpg
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    List updated and prices reduced to ~5% off face value

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    Big update on the list - I see many views but no-one buying, feel free to tell me why either here or by message

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