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Thread: Strange comment from Pochettino about taking a 'risk' on Ali ?

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    I am sure a person who knows the inner workings of our club better than ours may point at other coaches, further down the chain, who have been more pivotal in the footballing growth and development of messer Iwobi and Bellerin than Mr Wenger who has simply noted their progress and given them a chance to play and train with better players thus catalysing said progress.

    As for Sanchez being “better”, perhaps so or is he simply the same player he always was but now surrounded by relative shítcúnts whereas at Barcelona he was lesser to others and was not seen as shiny. His stature certainly has grown because of his period with us but not sure he is better.

    He still appears to lose the ball a lot, one of the major criticisms of his time in Catalonia.
    Thanks Nic

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    Thanks Nic
    The above post which was attributed to me was hacked and amended.

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