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Thread: Bournemouth...pretty much the sort of game where we throw away 3 pts

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    Bournemouth...pretty much the sort of game where we throw away 3 pts

    we turn up like we've been partying the night before and everyone's been rooffied, can't string a few passes together, don't win any 50-50s, find ourselves a couple of goals down with half and hour to go and can't get back into it...also brings on Ox with 5 minutes to go hoping for a miracle....

    Is Mustafi back?

    Not sure I like the Ozil and Remsey illnesses...chest infections? Let's leave the Tubercolosis victims in London. If they can't breathe 100% then they can't play...plain and simple...probably do more than good bring them on for a quick 20 minutes...

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    Gang of CLOWNS

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    Not bad TC. If you'd have said half an hour gone instead of to go you'd have been a genius...
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    £5 says Coq faked the injury to get Ox on faster...knows we can't wait till the last 10 minutes for changes

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