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Thread: Problems logging in, adverts etc

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    Problems logging in, adverts etc

    Is anyone going to do anything to drag this forum kicking and screaming into the 12st Century?

    Technically speaking it's a f**king disgrace. The chrome issue not resolved after 2 months plus, adverts all over the place, actually obscuring the site content, browse from an i-device and you are forever redirected to the APP Store for some lame ass game download.
    No tapatalk API etc etc.

    The forum is dreadful to navigate on anything aside from a 'proper computer'

    Someone pull their f**king finger out please and update the site - from what was a pretty fun place to discuss and contribute has now become a chore to make a post, quick responses to comments are nigh on impossible.

    rant over. it's a valid rant though to be fair.

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    Noted. I'll look into refunding your subscription Thumb Up


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    it's also full of nerds

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