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Thread: Best seat location at Emirates?

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    Best seat location at Emirates?

    Long time season ticket holders...what do you think is the best area of the ground to see a match? It looks like even the lower level seats are all covered with regards to London rains. I'd prefer to be near the north bank but would be willing to sit anywhere.

    B'more MD

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    Re: Wenger's.

    Sounds like Wenger will still need his seat next year...What section do you sit in? I'll see if my new season tickets can be issueded in your section, cheers.

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    Re: Why? Music

    FYI I've already my made a season seat selection. Looking forward to another successful season.

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    Nice one fella, I like the front rows on the upstairs.

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    Near the back of the north bank lower is your best bet but you'll be lucky to get st there

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