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Thread: Imagine, if you will, the scene:

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    Nic needs to watch out for Minty's moves hehe

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    Next to Max Clifford being done as a nonce this has cheered me up even more..

    An Arsenal win tonight and Nicosia disemboweling Monty91 before the match would be the cherry on top...

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    This is exactly what I imagine the fight would look like >

    Monty the younger fella, Nicosia the older gentleman taking off his hat. v=Blki-DISUis

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    Shilly sowse?

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    "You bluddy insult my muvvah, innit, you bloddy bosstud! I make you disappear in London"

    Is this modd v wenger stupid sh*tc*nt clown?

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    Best buddies afterwards

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    Ladies and gentleman, here we have the POTD.

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    Oh I say. Bravo!

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    Clap with a fitting cameo appearance from ....


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    What's that?

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