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Thread: The Assists Collection: 1) People slagging of Arshavin... Statistically he's been our best player.

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    So Arshavin's 'assist' on the weekend to Nasri was meaningless was it? f**k off it was class.

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    Who wins the penalty attributes an assist, dumbass.

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    We've only scored 39 or so goals so far Shrug

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    I think you have made a complete cúnt of yourself here by the way.

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    What about the 2nd point?

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    Just proves that the whole 'assist' thing is a load of ****.

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    I'd say the multitude of dismissive replies pretty much explains it.

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    Tbf I think he's just giving AA's critics food for thought.

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    He doesn't track back as much as he should, but he's not the reason Clichy often leaves us exposed.

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