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Thread: Long-term Season Ticket/Membership Transfers/Rentals - requests/offers here >>>

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    North Bank season ticket available

    Single season ticket available for next season for all home league and cup games. The seat will be in the North Bank upper tier, block 102 (seat can be confirmed). It will be pretty much bang on in the middle and gives a great unrestricted view. Price is 1195. If you are interested please message me directly and we can take it from there - also if you wanted to go ahead with it you can pay the club directly which removes any hassle of exchanging cash/bank details etc.



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    ST available for rent 2014/15 upper North Bank read on...

    My son is away for a year so putting his ticket (which I pay for!)out to rent at a discount - call it 1200 (face value = 14 hundred and something. As part of the deal I can also get you an away ticket for any/all games outside London except semis and finals (we should be so lucky).If you have any questions please get in touch.
    nb the away ticket bit is not an absolute guarantee but I have 42 credits which will drop back to 27 at the start of next season so pretty sure. Plus you would have to order early so that I could offer elsewhere if you didn't want.

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    Still got this - if anyone is interested please get in touch soon...

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    1/2 Share Block 5 Season Ticket

    Am renting out my season ticket this year, I have one guy who I shared with last year, so just looking for one more to share with him. It's block 5 so in the RedAction area, between the 2 of you can share out the games but we had no problems last season, i'm using it for away games though as have spent a lot of time and money building up the credits (53 of them!!although if I can't make it then either of you are more than welcome to use)but will leave any finals we get to available to either of you as only fair.
    It's 550 in which you'll get minimum 13 games each (19 home league and 7 fa cup/champs lge)

    pm if interested cheers

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    2014-2015 Season Ticket for loan

    I am having to loan out my season ticket for this season. It is for the north bank upper block 102 and the price is 1150. If we get to any cup semi finals/finals, you would be able to apply as this is only fair. I have no away credits on it but you are more than welcome to use it for away games. If interested drop me a message.

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    Actual renewal cost was 1568 but will still sell at 1200

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    You can of course apply for semi's and finals with the ticket you are renting

    What I meant above was I could get you an away ticket using my own ticket which has lots of credit but would want to go to semi's and finals myself. My son's ticket has no credit but you can of course use it to apply for away tickets including semi's finals or anything else.

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    2015/16 ST available for season loan - North Bank Lower Tier - Block 7

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    Re: 2015/16 ST available for season loan - North Bank Lower Tier - Block 7

    I am looking to loan out my season ticket for the 2015/16 season. My seat is located in the North Bank Lower Tier, block 7, row 15.

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