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Thread: Ticket Forum Bad Apple List >>>

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    Ticket Forum Bad Apple List >>>

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    Dan Gooner - Dont be a dingbat. Left me holding a 40 ticket in Manchester Sat

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    C.E.S.C - Total timewaster........

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    "pyro-pete" seems to be some kind of *******.

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    Was asking for 3 tickets. I checked to see if he was interested in 1. He said he was but would rather have 2. I went out of my way to get a second. Once I got the second ticket he then said he still had to check whether his mate wanted the second ticket.
    His mate then apparently didn't want the ticket, so he didn't need the 1 either.
    I was left with my own ticket + the other ticket I paid for.

    After all this he still kept up his post asking for 3 tickets.

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    I think I should add that he bought my Everton away ticket without issue.

    Just be careful though.

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    Kevin Yorke

    Not strictly an AWIMB member but someone to watch out for. Stitched me up for Norwich away 2013/2014. Avoid at all costs!

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    I was let down and inturn let you down so sorry for that

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