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  1. Bradford hardly had to battle for the win. Pathetic c**ts. f**k them all. Wenger the most
  2. A new nadir. well done Arsenal Bow
  3. Arsene, Stan and Ivan. Just f**k off now.
  4. How's your luck? Hit the post with two pens, and the ball stays out both times
  5. 8 years without a trophy all but rubber stamped now
  6. These players clearly don't want to play for Wenger. No other explanation surely?
  7. We had 28 shots 12 on target vs 5 shots 3 on target for them ... didn't feel like it!
  8. And another thing, we are f**king dull to watch. We used to have our pretty football to cling to.
  9. Oh well. There's always the Champions League. Indifferent
  10. WD Bradford imo.
  11. Sad to say I think this is it for the great man, a legend as a manager for us, but....
  12. Don't worry the brand is strong, winning isn't everything.
  14. I take it Germissio didnt want to take one then?
  15. quarter finals is like a trophy.
  16. What the f**k was Chamakh doing taking one
  17. Can't wait for Wenger's excuses hehe
  18. Thank goodness! Now we can concentrate on the REAL tournaments.
  19. my tv is saying BRA beat ARS ... NEVER in my book
  20. We're still in Champs League, & the FA Cup hasn't started yet.
  21. Let's not have another rash of posts, claiming it was only the mickey mouse cup eh ?
  22. Jurgen, Pep, anyone!!!! Save us!
  23. Team selection rubbish , and what has worried me for some years our football style ineffective
  24. At least Bradford have been kicked out of the FA Cup. Thats one danger out the way hehe
  25. Of all the people in the world, why would you ever let Chamakh take a penalty?
  26. Wenger Bow unbelievable Jeff
  27. "We gave everything for 120 mins" No we f**king didnt. Not even close.
  28. Now lets all calm the f**k down please - we don't have a divine right to win anything - WD Bradford
  29. Wouldn't begrudge moves for Santi or Jack..
  30. Arsenal, the joke of Football. Did you enjoy that one Stan?
  31. If we don't either sign some good players in Jan or say we don't really have the funds/players
  32. 4th division team ffs.
  33. Once the interviewer mentioned the fans, AW got the f**k out of there.
  34. Arsene will never be sacked by Arsenal, he'll go on his own terms. Question is - when will he say
  35. That performance was Wengers gift to all his AKB & Ostrich devotees!
  36. Oh f*ck as if tonight wasnt bad enough their showing Reading Sunderland. C*nts.
  37. How's Hill Wood's jam tart holding out?
  38. I'm sure the media won't make much of this f**king disaster.
  39. A very dismal night. Apart from Wilshire looking like a leader there was very little on offer
  40. And let's not forget he subbed our best player before Ramsey and left Gerv the full 120 min...
  41. Seriously people... this was ****, but **** HAPPENS! Cup surprises happen every week, we move on now
  42. I can't stop watching Gervinho's miss
  43. Is there any chance of Arsene listening to me and playing Wilshere in the Cazorla's position (as
  44. Something happened in that international break pre Norwich away
  45. toothpaste / chinese or indian / cereal ?
  46. everyone needs cheering up and with that in mind...
  47. Seriously Arsene, Gerv up front and Rambo a winger.
  48. How can anyone criticize Rvp for leaving
  49. Fergie is the DON!
  50. He'll just slip away quietly in the summer won't he? :great man, failed to adapt:
  51. Get some perspective - we are back to the late 50s
  52. Imagine the chaos if Adebayor hadn't got sent off. :small mercies:
  53. Bradford set new record
  54. I see this as positive, hopefully most of the ****s here will go back to their Spuds and Manure
  55. This is more annoying than when we go out of the CL. We had a chance of sorts to win this.
  56. I missed the post-match interview with Wenger. What are today's excuses? Not that one should take
  57. I never want to see a weakened Arsenal team put out in this competition ever again!!!! Shout
  58. Time for a Bet?
  59. We want Wenger out, we want Wenger out
  60. Never mind, there's always the CL.
  61. Wenger: Has he ever signed an English player
  62. tbf it was cold
  63. So thats my 4-1-5 formation CONFIRMED by Arsene.........................
  64. Anyway >>
  65. et tu theo?
  66. When are the ostriches going to wake up and realise this is the worst squad Arsene has ever had?
  67. I wonder wether Arsene has read "the emperor's new clothes"?
  68. Thats twice that bulb head has missed a sitter within 4 days ..his at last are numbered
  69. God, next season marks 10 years since Les Invincibles. It's been that long. Cry
  70. Seven Million Pounds a year for this **** Arsene.
  71. A neutral writes...
  72. Who does AWIMB irrationally blame the most/want replaced?
  73. Hope that Adidas deal has been signed and sealed. I am sure they are
  74. Wenger Out demo after the game
  75. Music Going back to Bradford Music
  76. I thought the players showed heart and spirit. They were together, organised and worked hard.....
  77. Most concerning thing for me is how few player Wenger seems to improve these days
  78. How alarming is Chamberlains inability to put in a decent cross? He's morphed into Glen Helder.
  79. Llorente on Sky Sports News there saying he's interested in moving to the PL in the summer.
  80. We are a mediocre Premier League club....that status was confirmed yesterday!!
  81. While the 8 million a year GOD, former genius talks of "spirit", a true absolutely amazing
  82. It's "only" the league cup, you know. Some of you need a good rinse tbh.
  83. If I ever see Ramsey playing as a winger again it will be too early... how Wenger
  84. Is the World Club cup on TV?
  85. Hey Arsenal fans, don't forget
  86. You truly were amazing, Arsene! Best Arsenal team I've ever seen. Now that you've contrived
  87. Martin Allen and Johnny Sitton for management team
  88. How out of touch has AW become with the fans.
  89. Post Wenger will be a nightmare. With Wenger is a nightmare
  90. Fair play to all you chaps who actually went to the game last night and supported that **** team to
  91. For the first time under Wenger, the squad is mainly full of depreciating assets
  92. Where is LA when I need him!? Mike Dean strikes again, how many games is it when
  93. Just looked up the AWIMB forecast on Ceefax for today...
  94. 16 years! How many of your have been in a relationshio that long and can still claim
  95. Arsene did get very angry with the interviewer last night when he twice mentioned humilation
  96. Will the players his morning be ...
  98. And another thing, Wengers comments about the pitch... looked fine to me
  99. Serious Question/Poll
  100. When was it the Mayans thought the world was going to end?
  101. I await an informed, balanced and positive explanation of the Gervinho creature please. I admit to
  102. What exactly IS "league 2" anyway? I mean in old money.
  103. It‘s the same mistakes happening over and over again..
  104. The most despicable and frankly embarrassing thing is that we, the FANS, yes even you
  105. Arsene tells PSG to stay calm with Anceloti ...
  106. People can blame the board all they want. But any manager who plays Gervinho as a CF and.....
  107. I am highly amused by the idea that a defeat in the League Cup quarters
  108. It's time to ditch the 4-3-3/4-2-3-1.
  109. Shouldn't even come down to fine margins I know. But we hit the woodwork 4 times
  110. ****test penalty Arsenal ever converted. I go for Lauren's v the scum in 2002.
  111. In other news, the Man Of Steel trailer is f**king awesome. Superman Clound Nine
  112. IWWW has made an interesting revelation...Apparently Dennis wanted to return as a
  113. Arsene advises on how to act like Santa Claus
  114. For how long do you think Cazorla will put up with this?
  115. Could Arsene really walk at some point? He's on a fat contract like Chamakh, Squillaci, Djorou etc
  116. Tactics? Why did Wenger change from the 49ners to this 4-5-1
  117. Roll eyes
  118. In more other news, Paul McCartney has joined Nirvana.
  119. Wenger admits trying to re-establish order in his 'own house' as everything is not right there
  120. Haven't done this for a while, my player ratings from last night
  121. Finn is a doubt for the 4th test Frown
  122. What we need is more English pelanty takers imo
  123. It is basically impossible to imagine an interviewer goading Ferguson with the word "humiliated"
  124. I only have one question this morning, did we hit bottom or is there more to come??
  125. Fash hasn't been on today
  126. I didn't fancy wasting another £70 on a Wembley final ticket anyway
  127. Has it been confirmed whether next Monday is a "must win"?
  128. I will be happy when our attendance drops to 35,000
  129. Positives from last night - amazing how often Per wins a header
  130. I have been at uni since 8 and have faced constant jibes about last night so have resorted to
  131. So have we worked out who this Peter Storeys Cab bloke is yet?
  132. People you expect to be cúnts but aren't
  133. So, I turned on SS1 and saw that someone listed as ARL were playing BRA
  134. The Lost Decade.
  135. Will you all stop talking about fcuking Homeland, I am about 3 episodes behind ffs.
  136. Steve Williams -> Regarding the press questioning of Fergie after their 6-1 defeat.
  137. I'm making my own holly wreath for the front door
  138. Are the club using the warchest to refund last night's tickets?
  139. I don't know why everybody is blaming Wenger when clearly yesterday was my fault.
  140. Is Dennis the manager yet?
  141. Just realised that I didn't even remember to have the chocolate out of my advent calendar yesterday.
  142. Can I check, has someone been round to nicos' to check he's OK?
  143. hehe
  144. Knobheads
  145. I know I shouldn't say this but I am actually enjoying watching us at the minute
  146. Advent calendars - what kind?
  147. I only found out the result on BBC breakfast. Hide
  148. TechWIMB - I have one of these all in one Blu ray surround systems but the player
  149. Anyone use a macbook pro? My laptop died last night and i don't know if i should just
  150. Spending is not the cure, it's who the money is spent on.
  151. Clound Nine
  152. It's a longshot, but have Ivan and co checked the registration of all the Bradford players
  153. If Wenger goes. Whoever they bring in will be given some money to spend
  154. Wilshere was he clapping our fans or the entire stadium, it looked like he was doing a lap of
  155. Can anyone explain the hype about Pep? He was successful at barca, my grandmother couldve been
  156. Pat Rice
  157. This'll be a fun-filled festive occasion tonight. First drink free >
  158. A lot of people calling for Pep. I think it would be a huge
  159. The team is punch drunk, if we don't win on Monday I can see this being a very nasty season indeed,
  160. For me, this is what is unforgivable about last night
  161. Lee Dixon looks a bit petrified on Pointless Celebrities
  162. Yikes Holy f**k. Stewart Robson laying siege on Wenger on SSN
  163. We are saved.... Thank you Pep
  164. Arsenal : The next era
  165. What is everyone doing for Christmas?
  166. SO, I guess Anne Hathaway's hoo-haa has been discussed?
  167. The blind spots, square pegs in round holes, **** transfers and stubbornness are all very GG
  168. The element of luck has been ignored in the analysis of yesterday's loss.
  169. seriously, it's like ***ushima on here today. I need iodine tablets, lead codpiece.
  170. I know one thing for sure the day Wenger leaves will be a sad day indeed
  171. It's a bit Pearl Harbor out there
  172. I can't get over the reaction of every footballer on the pitch to Gervinho's miss. It's like all of
  173. Any of the league cup games live tonight?
  174. I'm confused with all these GG comparisons. Are we getting Stewart Houston back?
  175. I think the fans have to take their share of blame for yesterday.
  176. Poll
  177. I've had the horn for Pep for the past couple of hours. Doubt it'll happen, though. Weird, I want
  178. I've just bought Auclaire's book about Thierry. Anyone on here read it? Is it absolutely stunning?
  179. Against the background of dismal performances and the wimpy nature of the
  180. Where has this link come from about Pep? Has Arsene hinting that his tenure is coming to an end and
  181. incident yesterday when Chamakh made a pathetic pass to Ox when there was an excellent opportunity
  182. Music this is a song for the deaf Music
  183. We need to get behind wenger until the summer, no top manager will come now
  184. Blip
  185. Jingle Bells, our game smells, Wenger go away. Oh what fun it would be to have Pep here today, hey!
  186. I've only known 3 full time Arsenal managers in my supporting lifetime
  187. More awful quotes from wenger- wenger laments loss of stars
  188. The manager we need would be british, supported arsenal as a child, can turn a season around....
  189. "I've always liked cups because when you're in a team that can't compete for the Champions League or
  190. Just where the hell are our Crimbo smilies to brighten up this place? :santadude:
  191. Tragic.
  192. Anyone remember those old Dunn & Company ad's. ?
  193. Some new signings in january, henry back with a beard, wenger refreshed
  194. For those who want Llorente - he has not scored and Bilbao have been ejected from the Spanish
  195. WARCHEST!!
  196. Anyone know how the AST drinks with Gazidis went tonight?
  197. What's the difference between Arsene Wenger and Heinz?
  198. We all need cheering up, "Dennis Bergkamp: The Legend of the Premier League" at 11:35 on ESPN
  199. Ooh we are on 1st
  200. Gervinhio don't get better on the replays - what a c**t
  201. I have to say that although I have access to the same information as you guys in London. Being far
  202. Bradfords starting line up cost £7,500 Yikes
  203. After 24 hour cooling off period I have come to the conclusion that
  204. Wilshire only one not wearing gloves
  205. Started singing "There's only one Dennis Bergkamp"...
  206. Did anyone see Ali G on the Comedy Awards? hehe
  207. 20 mins and tomorrow's papers are online Clound Nine
  208. Must say Forehead looks excellent in the 3 compilation videos I just watched, quite the signing imo.
  209. Just finished painting my little girls Nursery Room Smile Cement Grey and Ballerina Pink
  210. where is Djourou ??, have not seen news of injury ??
  211. Thats it for me for a couple of weeks. Off to hospital soon
  212. Usual conflicting stuff about finances again in this mornings press.
  213. Heinz dress up a salad, Wenger dresses up in a sleeping bag
  214. Closest we've come to the Neill days...
  215. The players go into training, jog around the pitch for 10 minutes and then all have massages and
  216. If this place really goes through the whole of Christmas with no santa smilies and no Annual Awards
  217. Pietersen gone.
  218. So who is lying? Stewart Robson or Gibbs?
  219. Chawla, LA! That's the fat Indian leg-spinner. Who is Ramesh Powar I was talking about I have no
  220. Fantastic work...
  221. Back in January I saw Bould coaching at London Colney (with the youth team at the time). So...
  222. Alan Smith article in Telegraph >>>>
  223. Although it's nice for Arsenal to spend money on new players. It's not really going to fix anything
  224. Festive footy frustration, see how many you can get
  225. we,re is that pat shape man who post on here plenty?
  226. So I read in The Times this morning that we have £50million and Wenger has been given permission to
  227. What do you lot do when it goes all quiet on here?
  228. I thought there was a maximum of 90 overs in a days cricket, how come we're in the 96th?
  229. Although we can not compete with others spending. Arsenal should expect to have to pay a bit more
  230. If money is an issue, we could always get our players to do something like this
  231. Predictably enough World Club final is Edu's Corinthians against Chelsea on Sunday
  232. The last thing we need is to panic buy in January. Also odd that the club
  233. Clound Nine Clound Nine
  234. hang in there wenger dont give up the fight
  235. Frown
  236. Faldo & Greg Norman upfront Clound Nine
  237. I think I have found my own XMAS present, at this rate we'll soon have cameras that make kebabs
  238. Arsenal Board Meeting next Thursday... Rub chin
  239. hehe ****er Classic Myles Palmer
  240. Internet usage. I have a 40 mb limit or whatever it is called
  241. Well done Ray Parlour. I do wonder if the players in this day & age
  242. Two points off fourth with 22 games to go
  243. Shocking stuff. 452% rise in the Cornish ethnic Asian population Yikes
  244. "'One time in training, I played the alcoholics against the teetotalers.
  245. Migration: The Shocking Truth Rub chin
  246. I don't know why people get so animated when somebody 'flounces' from here. If the person didn't
  247. I dont want Wenger out because I believe he's some control freak dictator
  248. Bow Ramsey poised to sign new big-money, long-term contract
  249. Clap Clap Clap Would more people vote if our parliament was a bit more like this? Fight