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  1. In the current climate, is this safe?...
  2. Would a 5-0 win on Saturday muffle the baying wolves?
  3. Last night was really disappointing, that is all
  4. I'm not sure I'd trust George Osborne water my plants, let alone run an economy the size of the UK
  5. Don't think Homer J will swallow this hehe >>
  6. I would love to find out how many times the opposition has scored by us showing them inside
  7. Thinking about going to the Manc derby on Sunday Hide
  8. Which AWIMBers are going to be alone for Chirstmas?
  9. what evidence is that. one post . again mate ask moderator
  10. when i wus at school people always make fun of my name but i don,t get it.
  11. Does anybody actually care about autographs these days. Shirley it's much better
  12. Work Christmas Party #1 on Friday
  13. 4-3-3 is our problem imo. I really believe we should adopt a diamond formation>>>
  14. Shock of shocks, Osborne blames yerp for his pisspoor performance
  15. West Ham getting a stadium that cost 600m to build for nothing is just a little
  16. Who wants a pint? Uncle Bazza's buying, only 1 rule, it's O'Neills, Beckenham
  17. Great news on goal.com that a deal for the Henry loan has been agreed. I can't wait!
  18. Dennis Skinner tearing into Osbourne hehe
  19. What I think to all of this..
  20. So, what's the AWIMB view of the Leveson Report? Overdue clipping of irresponsible wings
  21. Brazil needs to rediscover the panache of those feared, mythical names of their footballing gods
  22. Whoops - should probably have checked the price before picking up a bag of out-of-season lychees
  23. Is there a link anywhere showing how their equaliser didn't come off Chesney and should have been
  24. A round of applause please for that rarest of occasions.
  25. What I don't like about the way play now is the TV coverage. Every single game the story is the same
  26. Anyway. I have been ordered to buy tickets to see these gentlemen next Summer Indifferent
  27. As the world is supposed to 'end' on the 21st of December
  28. He is a cock of the highest order isn't he?
  29. Christ January really is an ugly month isn't it Frown
  30. I think those of us who do continue to support wenger and the board probably do have to acceptt
  31. Does Google direct anybody else on here to the Stormfront website?
  32. Crisis over. Daily Mail has sorted it out for us.
  33. Wenger was abandoned by his players. Cesc, Naz and RVP were integral pieces to this side....
  34. Regardless of your position on Wenger, the board, etc. It does appear that we are entering a period
  35. If you celebrate Christmas. What is your on your plate for Christmas dinner?
  36. The whole Arsenal fading late in games angle from Arsene.
  37. Stuart Hall's been arrested now. There aren't many left now are there?
  38. That Meade chap is a bit of a shrimp, I wonder if he got bullied at school, or was the
  39. the anti-wenger brigade is similar to a man
  40. Ollie G's had enough already, He wants to die...
  41. Solution to second half fade out: Reduce playing time to only 45 minutes.
  42. My mobile is ***ced, I need a fantastic phone at the lowest price Rub chin
  43. Fromer Arsenal legend Eduardo starts for Shakthar tonight.
  44. how times have changed part 613. Secret Santa has been to the office
  45. hehe hehe hehe hehe Another one. Torres needs to grow a pair and take it.
  46. Not sure why Neville is moaning about the ref. Surely it's sensible to make sure you have the right
  47. This ref is a joke hehe Never a pen there
  48. hey guys my mobile number has changed it was
  49. Hugo from I'm a Celebrity is a Gooner then? Despite being Made in Chelsea
  50. What a **** penalty by Nordsshaldad
  51. hehe Are you Arsenal in disguise?
  52. f**k off Shakhtar you awful awful c**ts Cry
  53. Celtic cutting it fine. Need to get a winner
  54. English premiership team beating by eastern team, second stringers not good enuf, oh its MANU not
  55. Oh dear, Messi being carried off
  56. Our possible opponents ==> Barca, PSG, Malaga, Dortmund, Juve,and Bayern
  57. Sorry everyone late on tonight have we slagged of cascarino yet?
  58. Well Done Celtic Clap
  59. Wonder if Celtic will demand that there game with moscow is replayed due to the dubious pen
  60. American in speaking the truth receiving uproar shocker>>>
  61. Music Headless Chickens - Mr Moon Music
  62. What's this all about then...
  63. Tomorrows Daily Mail saying Sagna is heading for the exit door
  64. So, Trotty, your time to shine
  65. Mohamud - you will not get anyewhere with your arguments regarding fielding understrength teams
  66. Which Arsenal players will leave us in january transferwindow?
  67. Depeche Mode are still massive, you know. They play stadiums - fact. Shrug
  68. The **** Cup is now our only chance it seems, but hey, IF we go through to the semis, we could
  69. 'The brand is holding steady' hehe
  70. Why do people do this, isn't a Christmas tree enough?
  71. Buongiorno
  72. Going to Arsenal games with Tight Fit blaring in your phones isn't too cool (own up Hillary)
  73. Is it better to change some money to euros before going away. Or is it cheaper to withdraw it from
  74. When I go outside for a smoke break. I notice some people will listen to their i-Pod etc whilst
  75. So how does everyone like our "brand" and our "shiny new stadium"?
  76. All day sessions are such good fun at the time..........
  77. I see Harry's teaching Rosie how to conduct interviews
  78. Ah, Thursdays. Footie news equivalent of No Man's Land.
  79. 216 -1 then.. Now that's how to turn around a team lacking in confidence.
  80. Why exactly did Chelsea go out?
  81. 'Berto, Mudhoney covering Pump It Up
  82. So how come Cook's batting hasn't evaporated under the "Weight of the Captaincy" thing?
  83. Speaking of driving, was driving towards some red traffic lights this morning.
  84. As I've had some lifestyle changes* My father always likes to buy the cheap version of everything.
  85. I think this is my favourite yet (bottom left - not least for the fact it was only usable for
  86. Balotteli Bow
  87. We are a Modern Romance/Go West harmless type of club. I'd much rather we had a bit
  88. I'm hoping we drop further down the table, rack up some indie/underground credibility.
  89. Join Radi Aid!
  90. Monkey Bundle!!!!
  91. Brave lady on such a cold day
  92. I wonder who Max Clifford will get to publicise his case.
  93. Alastair Cook really is rather good, isn’t he? Clound Nine
  94. New Arsenal philosophy... see below.
  95. Talking about the great Highbury atmosphere, do any of you remember changing ends at half-time?
  96. gst,b is one of my fav pisters why do you give him a hard tme im tellling the modderator
  97. Very funny imo hehe
  98. What State is Washington D.C in?
  99. Speaking of formerly widely respected public figures up on charges of kiddy fiddling...
  100. 27/10/04 was a dark day in the club's history. The start of our decline, for sure.
  101. England get Euro 2020!
  102. In the snooker that Brecel kid had that match in his hands twice. Looks one for the future though
  103. Iain Dowie said we should be very capable of winning our next 5 League games. I have always had
  104. Winning not everything.
  105. Backstage catering is ****! f**k's sake, I'm too old for this deli platter rubbish Frown
  106. Jesus wept, Theo, Podolski, Sagna, and Kos not available for the WBA match
  107. Looks like Messi's injury is not serious then. Expected to be back in a week
  108. I've just found my old Arsenal GREEN away kit that I had as a kid and I'm now ready to part-eey like
  109. The camera angle at the Lane is ridiculously low these days.
  110. So Gavin Henson has moved onto Jordan now then, according to MSN
  111. Another one of my very excellent ditties ......
  112. JJSB....stumbled across this.
  113. I have nowt to do. So been done before but favourite National Anthems?
  114. Leaving aside the morality and other issues, this seems like quite a reasonable deal Hide
  115. That "Rock of Ages" "film" is the worst thing I have ever seen in my entire debauchery-laden life.
  116. Is the story if you have a Cuban stamp in your passport you have trouble getting in the US true?
  117. Bizarre idea to host Euro 2020 all across the continent
  118. It's annoying that AW doesn't want to bring the team to the U.S. There's a big following here. He
  119. hehe Clap One of my lecturers from last year is on BBC2 right now!
  120. What are the best sites for streaming films/tv?
  121. Music Take That Rocket Ship Music ..........
  122. Ferris ... Ferris ... Ferris ...
  123. I had no idea that God-10 was the lead singer of an 80's band
  124. sagna stays! good news, imo. despite what I said yesterday about jenks.
  125. We're about 4 good players short of a competitive squad if Sagna and Theo go that will be 6
  126. Any programmers out there looking for a job in the Cambridge area?
  127. Ian Bell Roll eyes
  128. I see PSRB has been in wicket taking form this morning
  129. Who's your money on this weekend then? It's been a long week for all involved,
  130. I accidentally found myself watching Celebrity Juice last night
  131. Ticket Exchange. Why is no c**t buying my ticket for tomorrow?
  132. Bradford kicked out of the FA Cup for fielding an ineligible player, why not the league cup too?
  133. Note to Twitter users. The abbreviation of "whatever" into "whatevs"
  134. Not a good sign when a player of his age believes his future lies elsewhere
  135. Sob.
  136. Is this real? And why isn't Arsene rigging it to buy new players?
  137. West Brom 11/2. I'll have some of that imo
  138. If we are amking a bid for Zaha then it would seem Walcott is going but I can't help thinking this
  139. Is it actually possible to get any more 'lite' than TJ and the Ultimatum?
  140. Dorset -> Rather than criticising the club for made up speculation, why not believe what you are
  141. Some of this is actually rather frightening
  142. Yikes
  143. Wave Have a good weekend I'm off to make up
  144. ..and I used to enjoy Man V Food as well...
  145. I am a plastic fan these days. But it seems when Walcott plays he pretty much scores every time?
  146. Zero budget and tons of personality. And i bet i'm skinnier than any of you f**kers! big kiss >>>>>>
  147. Is not being able to keep our players really a recent development?
  148. Is Ross Noble always an embarrassingly unfunny cnt, or was his TV Apollo set
  149. for f**k sake i did not say you did not stand up
  150. The conflictng fortunes of United. Anyone remember when they were hoofing about in 73/74
  151. hehe But I bet he'll go up to get the trophy if they win it without him...
  152. The hospital receptionist duped in the Queen prank call has been found dead!
  153. What are your plans for the weekend?
  154. Post-prandial Friday time-killer - The grand Tory 'cum face' thread
  155. Jimmy Saville likes this
  156. my predicts for this wפּek end arsenaҐ █ wast blomonge alpetron 0
  157. Sorry about the rant, AWIMBers. Have a good weekend. Up the Arse!! Lager Wave
  158. Pesky new ads on here :bonghead:
  159. Do the f**king convict descendants for Manslaughter..
  160. Arsenal chants like you never heard them before >>>>
  161. Aussie DJs in their own words...
  162. Walcott . Should he go or should he stay?
  163. My mate's got all the old **** of my lappy hd back Clound Nine
  164. Diaby back early January. A nice way of saying around 3 more weeks hehe
  165. Christmas do
  166. A veritable smorgasboard of probable *****s on the Sounds of the 70's - Glam
  167. What has Stan Kronke said about the fans unrest?
  168. proper misogynistic hip hop Clound Nine Music
  169. the walking dead is f**king amazing. that is all
  170. Music Everything I do - Bryan Adams Music
  171. What a week it's been for comebacks in the UK snooker championship
  172. Music Glad all over Music
  173. Music Love n Pride Music
  174. What kind of pathetic cnt of a woman has to go to hospital with morning sickness, anyway?
  175. Off to the Woodbine Wave
  176. We are getting a cat for Christmas Frown
  177. Just ordered this cake
  178. Music So here it is, merry Christmas, everybody's having fun. Looook to the future now, it's only
  179. It's Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid. At Christmas time, we let in light and we banish
  180. What exactly is it about 75,000 a week that Theo doesn't like? Most folks would like this annually.
  182. Our Edu on Football Focus now. Didn't realise he's now sporting director at Corinthians
  183. And now we are stuck with dross like a bloke with 100 caps for Germany.
  184. Important game today
  185. Hmmmm.....arsene talking about restricted funds in the past tense
  186. Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla, Ox, Gervinho, Giroud
  187. Clap Top 5 Twitter fails 2012. Clap
  188. Edu - only briefly first choice, but light years ahead of any current Arsenal midfielder
  189. Whoever said "Gervinho is the most predictable player ever" was very spot on!
  190. Any streams today?
  191. f**king Torres s scoring again.
  192. Here's a stat for ya, Cazorla only 1 assist in last 11 prem games.
  193. Whoever said Gervinho was a scuffy finisher was bang on
  194. Nono dive Bang head
  195. As part of my continuing ' half time updates' series - it's freezing
  196. Wenger needs to tell them to make it 3 or 4 nil, so the penalty is less impactful
  197. Does Cazorla get an assist for that?
  198. Music Cheat when we want, We only cheat when we want Music
  199. May have been a dive but we are owed these penalties.
  200. Didn't see this one coming. Swansea 0 Norwich 3 Yikes
  201. It sucks really, shame it weren't v scum or the other scum. Good bluff imo.
  202. Bloody hell, robbie fowler On BBC caaling for the FA to act on cazorla
  203. This ref hates BFG! Calling great defensive moves against him for some reason
  204. Not seen it. Was it really that bad? Bet the press will slaughter us unlike Bale
  205. lineker on twitter:
  206. Who was that bloke they lingered on in the crowd? Possible signing?
  207. f**k you and your massive useless forehead
  208. Ironically that was a foul on Santi...ref ain't gving it or anything else to us this half
  209. Santi won't really have any defense tonight. His 'little stumble' against Swansea
  210. I hope Gervinho breaks his ankle. Useless f**king c**t.
  211. FUUCK YOU again! Ive never wanted the African Cup to start so early Cry
  212. hehe hehe Gervinho
  213. Oh no not again! Yikes
  214. A legit penalty and goal Smile yay!
  215. This ref certainly likes dolling out the yellows - has he got a red in him?
  216. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for Gary's update :sarcasm:
  217. I don't know that I'd call it a dive. he's trying to avoid reckless swinging foot of defender.
  218. Please bring on Tomas or Lukas for alien. (gotte give the f**ker credit on being in right places)
  219. That was a penalty..... I think
  220. About time too, come on superTom
  221. Its NEVER ole Sombrero time
  222. ole :Baghdad:
  223. That Rosenberg has a very punchable face Fight
  224. Do not compare me to.......
  226. I look forward to the diving debate reopening this week.... with vigour.
  227. Oh well done santi, shake the f**king ref's hand as you go off
  228. I'm thinking of giving motd a miss tonight. Not sure I want to sit through Hansen gnashing his teeth
  229. BFG has been magnificent today Bow
  230. Wilsher best player, Gibbs, Per and the Ox good....definite dive...good win.
  231. Walcott refuses to sign contract because of that clause
  232. Not placing a bet on any English teams again. FACT
  233. Massive win! Carzola needs a *******ing, no more of that stuff
  234. I'll settle for that, given the circumstances. A comfortable 2-0 win.
  235. media witch hunt is gonna be awsome
  236. It was a great performance by Jack today, fingers crossed for a lot more of where that came from
  237. I still feel Gamst Pedersons dive against us was the one that really took the piss
  238. You know the more i see it, the more i think the defender does kick his shin
  239. Gervinho is utter ****. How much did we pay for this plonker
  240. Who will be the first pundit to being up the pires dive?
  241. I don't give a flying fck if he did dive. He should act innocent and explain that
  242. jesus! it's in the new york times front page now
  243. definite pen imo
  244. Chin 'im Jack
  245. Peno
  246. What was the media reaction when WBA's Liam Ridgwell dived vs Sunderland to win pen 2 weeks ago?
  247. In Januaey, sell: Arsh, Chamak, Ramsey, Theo. Buy: Wanyama and Titi (for good)
  248. Cazorla will get a 2 game ban
  249. Music Cash Rules Everything Around Me vs Rudy.- The Specials meet Wu Tang Music