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  1. Looks like you wasn't ready for us
  2. Anybody get the feeling we're in for a busy night tonight?
  3. Why does Wenger shout when on the bench when we know he doesnt do the same in the dressing room?
  4. Nicosia are you happy with the Gunners now?
  5. Sad to say, but you have to wonder if we need a change
  6. Good result, imo.....
  7. So we're not going to be getting 18 points out of these 6 winnable games then Smile Frow</a></li>
	<li> <a href=I am telling you c**ts right now that ARTETA is the f**king problem.
  8. Jenkinson you f**king donkey
  9. It doesn't matter, the end of the world is coming this month.
  10. Pep to the rescue.
  11. Never mind, we have Bradford in the Micky Mouse Cup - oooooh a semi-final!!!!
  12. What's Arsene had to say after the game? Anything on transfers?
  13. This is what happens if you lose two first team players every year
  14. After a performance like that I'm struggling to understand how the likes of Huntelaar
  15. Get your chequebook out Wenger
  16. The game was calling for Arshavin, the French aristrocat shoves in a fat English kid
  17. Gervinho up front, Ramsey on the wings. Wenger is a massive c**t and needs to go
  18. Anyone who tells me Arteta is good for us I will f**king slap!
  19. Why could we not have played this game at lunchtime. I had a steaming hangover and wouldn't have
  20. I don't think I have the words... :-
  21. Thing is we will be in a position to spend more very soon.
  22. But who else would you have manage us? No one could do such a great job with such limited resources.
  23. At least we're still above liverpool Clound Nine
  24. If any of you were manager what would be your solutions?
  25. I think that wenger should resign, to avoid being fired.
  26. so walcott is off, no smart player would stay here
  27. here is a funny thing, we are only 5 points behind 3rd place
  28. Before we all hammer Wenger, can we take a moment to consider
  29. I wonder how many people have crossed over the Wenger in to Wenger out line, today?
  30. Good Lord! - reading down the board, do I sense that even a loyalist like Jorge is turning?
  31. Kroenke got rid of the coach at his NFL team last season and went out and got
  32. so wenger thinks we need to finish in the top 4 to attract top players due to champions league...
  33. Stoke above us.
  34. AW's failure to alter and adapt has been our downfall for 6 years.
  35. Vic Akers in, we got none that has won more
  36. Even if we had been awarded 'that' pen, it wouldn't have distracted from such an abstract performanc
  37. One thing's clear, we need Pat Rice back and fast
  38. Wengers certainly coached the good stuff out of Poldolski and Carzola.
  39. One Arsene Wenger Music
  40. Resource excuse wearing well thin. Gervinho 10m Mischu 2.5m
  41. A Kansas City Chiefs player has this afternoon shot his girlfriend and then himself at the training
  42. At least we should give credit where credit is due, Swansea played well
  43. One player i think we can definitely say is **** is Gervinho.
  44. Rumours going around just now that Arsene will resign after speaking with the board this evening.
  45. Ten years ago.............
  46. Under the circumstances, not a bad post match interview by Wenger
  47. We were jaded, not sharp. Arsene nose.
  48. It might be good fun to be the middle of a good relegation battle, you know? You'd appreciate every
  49. One constant about watching Reading is Katsia Bow!
  50. Read it Whatever happens, TODAY is the end of the Wenger era... We are officially. Shi</a></li>
	<li> <a href=Can't figure why Rosicky replaced Wilshere. Was Jack feeling cold?
  51. Gervinho is the best player he has played alongside claims Eden Hazard
  52. So November goes into its 3rd month
  53. I'm trying to think of a top level save Federici has made this year.
  54. Wow.. what a play by Anderson ..
  55. Anyone got a link for the Bayern v Dortmund game?
  56. 3-2 Reading, mad game only 23 minutes gone!
  57. 2-1 to Man Utd now Frown
  58. Can't even blame Ramsey for that pile of crap
  59. How we doing? - should have cleaned the windows - wife's in a strop-
  60. Are all the c**ts on here still happy with wenger???
  61. Could be another 7-5 at Reading at this rate! 3-3
  62. Wenger is ruining the club, he will rpboably not renew his contract. but its too late, he shouldve
  63. I love how Fergie has the balls to sub a player who is playing **** in the first 30mins
  64. Haha Rafael subbed after 30 mins, ignores ferguson, so whoever was preparing his jacket just threw
  65. 3-3 wtf!
  66. 4-3 manure
  67. not a bad game this.
  68. Time for change, not a knee jerk reaction but at least Usmanov will want to win
  69. Marco Reus looks so much like Micheal Clarke
  70. Fergie has the balls to haul off a defender after half an hour - would Wenger?
  71. hehe behind the line ... Goal disallowed ..
  72. good to see bould has improved our defence
  73. 10 league goals for rvp now. Can't find any explanation for selling him to strengthen a "rival"
  74. RVP!!!! yet we had a good deal selling him according to the muppets on here
  75. Who could come in, and do the job?
  76. Not one mention of Theo Walcott being **** today ... He was utter pants...
  77. a defeat was the best result today. its about time for some changes. if wed have scraped a 1-0
  78. Who needs Spurs fans to slag us off when we have so many idiots of our own
  79. How stupid is Rafael!? **** 30 mins and booked, when subbed he ignores Ferguson's handshake Yikes
  80. I am now more convinced than ever that we need a change
  81. Hey Chief, your guys shooting themselves now.
  82. Fairly predictable loss. Swansea are a better team than us. Top 10 is a trophy Clound Nine I loved
  83. Arsenal's front 6 - would any of them get into a title challenging squad?
  84. I am better than Gervinho, and I'm also ****.
  85. Let's get Bill Gates to buy us.
  86. Err, to those that were on the S0A9 stream with me, I did predict a Michu brace today Frown
  87. Lets not get carried away - our record since the prem began is still 2nd to united in terms of cups
  88. f**king hell just seen the table, we are turning into poxy Liverpool
  89. its ok, at least wenger has had a good influence on the careers of other players. how nice of him
  90. Mid-table mediocrity Clound Nine
  91. Cracking goal from Kroos...
  92. Months
  93. wenger to leave
  94. Wonder if Arsene would sub his right back on 30mins if he was playing shte?
  95. OT barrybueno's advent calendar
  96. Has kronke not been a total disaster? our club needs a change from the very top down each ranking
  97. Where are the ostriches that have been on here for the past 6 years, having a go NICOSia etc
  98. Typical, seven first half goals, no second half goals
  99. 15 points off top, 15 points off bottom. You dont get more mid-table than that!
  100. Consider the point that we just can't hold players if they want to leave. Jorge says what Robin
  101. Matt Hummels has got to be in the top 3 CBs in the world now.. terrific technique
  102. Usmanov Dein Moyes.
  103. Would the last AKB please turn the lights out as you leave
  104. When people say we sold the Little Boy Inside to a "rival" do they honestly kid themselves that we
  105. Oh dear , outplayed by Swansea , could have been 5
  106. Highlight of the night. Watching Becks wave goodbye to the MLS. Come home Becks Clound Nine
  107. f**k it, it's nearly Crimbo. Music Crimbo smilies pls!!
  108. Seems to me Podolski should be getting more stick. Utter f**king garbage today and hasn't looked
  109. Piers Morgan calling for Guardiola to save the season
  110. Didn't want to bring this up but the problem at Arsenal seems obvious to me Read it
  111. Before Swansea's 1st goal I was dreading another 0-0 bore draw. That will teach me.
  112. "If we win the next 6 games - we will be back in contention"... hehe
  113. With hugely inferior players, swansea have been comfortbly the better side
  114. Nurse Is Wenger delusional? Nurse
  115. Hide
  116. What exacty were AW's qualifications before he joined Arsenal? Was it an outstanding record?
  117. Thats how every match should start Cry Madrid derby
  118. Tyson Fury Time Nod
  119. Don't be so upset
  120. Wenger: "I believe the support from the board is there..."
  121. What the f**k has the Kansas City Chiefs player done?
  122. Fury looks like he's lost a bit too much weight at the weigh in
  123. Hey Monty91 - Was this performance as good as the one at Everton? hehe
  124. The squad no longer believe in Wenger.....don't appear to play for him or each other...
  125. 15 points from the top AND it's only December 1st.... 7.5M per year for this.. hehe
  126. Rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oonaldoooooooooooo
  127. what a cracker from Ronaldo... The camera was quick to see Casillas reaction hehe
  128. Broken cannons!
  129. This is Wenger's lowest point since his arrival at Arsenal. we really looked clueless today and its
  130. Cazorla reminds me so much of Ashavin , world beater at first now sprays passes everywhere
  131. Tyson Fury looks in good shape. Eubank Jr makes me laugh. All the arrogance of his
  132. Seems to ne Wenger would play Squilachi before Walcott up front
  133. Another problem is, wenger used to be astute in the transfer market. Buying top quality
  134. Lets face it. Any manager who thinks Gervinho can play up front is deluded.
  135. PSG arent setting the French Ligue on fire... Perhaps there is a opening after all ...
  136. Rub chin Did anyone see (or join) the black scarf march? Rub chin
  137. Stephen El Sharaawy , that s the player Arsene needs to go after.. Milan have been recklessly
  138. I want my Arsenal back
  139. Are we flattering ourselves about Pep? Would he even consider us?
  140. Sunday Mirror saying we're after Lampard. Pretty sick joke tbh.
  141. Are Utd **** at set-piece defending or what!? Wink
  142. Disgusting refereeing in the Madrid Derby... Cristina bounces off every single player that comes
  143. The Madrid Derby is straight out of a school playground ...
  144. 3 things
  145. Alan Hansens neck seems to have turned into a foreskin
  146. I've just discovered I've got the same underpants on as Andrew Flintoff.
  147. Billy - did you watch the Fury fight? Bored the tits of me. Price would destroy him.
  148. I think chelski are doing an AVB on Rafa
  149. 5th in the Eastern conference....10pts behind Sporting Kansas City
  150. Quick! Our match has just started on MOTD
  151. Can someone explain to me the merits of Arteta?
  152. That bloody winter wonderland at hyde park was bloody rammed tonight. :gluhwein:
  153. Our offside line is beyond repulsive. At one point today we tried to play it in Swansea's half
  154. Goooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnzalez The Galaxy level up Shrug whatever that means.
  155. Come on Becks!
  156. Galaxy goal overrulled still 1-1 Bang head
  157. seeing it on TV . . .WTF was Jenkinson doing?
  158. Penalty call on the play!
  159. C5 have that **** Alex Reid in his MMa fight
  160. illegal hand violation....penalty kick The Galaxy take the lead Nod
  161. Flintoff v Fury a real possibility
  162. Simple fact: the players no longer have faith in the manager
  163. What's the story with that end to the right of the camera at Fulham?
  164. Bingo Neville. Players believing Wengers excuses for them.
  165. Errrr not sure about Houston fans calling themselves the Orange Order
  166. Reid is a f**king bum. A complete joke of an MMA fighter
  167. Houston are in the red zone.
  168. The Galaxy have a chance to ICE THE CUP!!!!! KEeeeeeeeeeeeeeene Penalty!!! Ireland's greatest
  169. Ever since Wenger was cheating on his missus with that rapper slag - it's all gone horribly wrong...
  170. This is wonderful.
  171. I fkin love the ticker tape at this Cup Final....we should have that sh*t
  172. Serenity - now on ITV1.....and Star Trek was on C4 earlier... Bow
  173. The Galaxy go from 3-8-2 to back to back MLS Champions
  174. My beloved Arsenal. I didn't feel this despair under GG.
  175. So much for walking into Thunderstuck, Stanglehold or a bit of Van Halen Shrug
  176. 'Rather than addressing his decline, Podolski's move to Arsenal has accelerated it'
  177. Gervinho
  178. Man in baseball cap seen arriving at the Emirates! Tony Pulis smiled as he passed Arsene Wenger on
  179. Beating Milan at their place and the next tsfr window buying Amoury Bischoff and tweety bird Silvest
  180. football just isn't the same anymore lads!
  181. The 4-3-3 seems a bit of a mess now.
  182. i would suggest benitez has bigger problems than wenger
  183. Miss the old days when we had simple problems and 1 person to blame.
  184. for what it is worth...
  185. About time someone called out Rosicky for that pathetic attempt to stop Michu.
  186. I've been up and down ladders all day with a Greek wife tsk tsking at me - why didnt I just
  187. Well it's nice to see nobody's overreacting or advocating we throw the baby out with the bathwater
  188. Don't listen to the press - the stadium was urging the team on until the
  189. Peter Hill-Wood in hospital after suffering heart attack Yikes
  190. Okay at, I've read all the moaning, how do we fix it
  191. What a terrible TV fixture list today. Not a single game jumps off the page
  192. Oh, sickener for Wimbledon. Could have gone 2-1 up, just conceded in injury time
  193. You're having a laugh Arsene
  194. The board has developed into a rancourous place....
  195. How does 33 look like 36? Muamba is a bit of a f**king tool.
  196. Mickey Mouse cup it is then. hehe hehe
  197. Video > Arsenal fans interviewed after the Swansea game Cry
  198. Least we dont have to worry about the FA Cup this season
  199. Dublinwimb... I know there's a reasonably sized Irish contingent here. What's the city of Dublin
  200. Never fear! Fat Frank could be here.
  201. Swansea away. f**k sake. We're out.
  202. Arsenal's Peter Hill-Wood has heart attack December 2, 2012 after seeing 0-2 result..
  203. Toilet Curry really regretting that lamb vindaloo with all the trimmings I had last n
  204. Loving some of the names in the Next Arsenal Manager Market
  205. what a cracking goal by joel campbell....
  206. For all the c**ts, be warned.
  207. ok, we all know wenger has about 3 or 4 press meetings a week
  208. FA Cup third round draw coming up, We need a kind draw the way it's been going
  209. dear dear dear just back from cardiff...2 ****e results and england beat a norovirus hit all blacks
  210. So this is it then, how long can Arsene carry on with this much of the crowd against hm?
  211. Remember when wenger didn't want to give legendary Pires a 2 yr extension after all he did for us
  212. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooool
  213. When wenger decides to go, we must really choose our next manager carefully. I
  214. Good luck to the chelsea fans....stay your ground
  215. I wonder how poor old Floyd is in this time of crisis?
  216. Nice final so far between Phil Taylor and the Belgian. 6-6, first to 13
  217. Spurs 4 Arsenal 5 was on half an hour before yesterday's debacle. Subs incl. RP7, RvP11 and Flamini.
  218. Rich Rich!
  219. After 24 hours of careful consideration: it's time for Handbrake ****er to go
  220. So, if or when Wenger goes. Who would you want to take over?
  221. The next Arsenal manager should be Mark Hughes.
  222. Rub chin media reports that Bould gave the players a huge *******ing after the game.
  223. All we need to do is buy two players to change the team. Fellaini and Willian
  224. Roll out the Russian
  225. Tyreese in The Walking Dead. Bow
  226. Alternate Reality Wimb Time.......
  227. I assume this place will be fun today
  228. Frank de Boer & DB10 to take over at end of season??
  229. After careful consideration I've decided to start a micheal laudrup for Arsenal campaign
  230. Get well soon PHW, I look forward to your next column in the Daily Star
  231. time to add my point of view on arsenal's season.
  232. Still can't believe the thumping we gave the All Blacks, magnificent stuff
  233. I'v had time to reflect on my rant about Gervinho yesterday
  234. Hide Tempted to put a bet on Olympicos winning tomorrow. Somehow we're favorites.
  235. Dear spurs, Everton, Chelsea, etc fans, Father Christmas wears red and white, get the f**k over it
  236. I take it we are playing our reserves in greece??
  237. I have been miserable since 3:20 on Saturday
  238. I thought Swansea were fcking excellent
  239. Whatever your views on Hansen, can any ostriches take issue with this?
  240. Anyone heard of the "Black Rebel Motorcycle Club"?
  241. The obvious conclusion must be that it was Pat Rice who held it all together.
  242. Annoying awimb ads taken to another level.
  243. Going to be a right old bunfight for Mourinho and Guardiola this summer
  244. 500k wasted on this lot weekly
  245. Might I suggest we sign a certain Everton player in January?
  246. so what do you do when you don't think your boss is right?
  247. What late drama in the game on Saturday
  248. Excel: Can you set up a chart to force a given value into a specified colour?