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  1. Should awimb close for the summer?
  2. Kieran James Ricardo Gibbs hehe
  3. Jackson Martinez, looks like us or AC Milan
  4. One is rather cheered by the thought of a bunch of terminally stupid or repulsively
  5. Good Things The Yanqui Has That You Never Knew About.
  6. when does new singings announced no thing on news now arsenal arsene hurry up i am not happy
  7. Lord Summerisle, Scaramanga, Dracula and Saruman gone. Frown
  8. .
  9. Ivan Gazidis has just sent me an FA Cup Final scarf
  10. WorkDinnersWIMB: Organised for tonight and people are dropping like flies.
  11. Productive day
  12. Brendan Rodgers will be sacked by the end of next season at the latest.
  13. I'm just watching that Modern Family
  14. So Diaby has not been released....
  15. Oh no!!! Dusty "The American Dream" Rhodes R.I.P.
  16. Cheap subscription (Sky only) for Premier sports if you want to watch Copa America
  17. Louis CK ... amusing
  18. I will be ordering Motley Crue and Alice Cooper tickets next week Hide
  19. When there are temporary speed limits on the motorway, Do they adjust the speed cameras accordingly?
  20. I do rather like it in air shows and such when they start chucking airliners about a bit
  21. I noticed with some amusement, the TV appearance of David Green - Leader of Bradford Council.
  22. Liverpool rejected a 30m bid for Sterling as they want closer to 50m
  23. Did anybody see that Dominos Pizza documentary on Channel 4?
  24. Mmmm she went black and couldn't turn back hehe
  25. Those naked tourists Clap caused a 5.9 earthquake looooooool
  26. Last night, the missus was out, so I used the opportunity to have a kebab.
  27. Arsenal charged by the FA for breaching agents' regulations over transfer of Calum Chambers
  28. My name is Trixie, and I have become a vegetarian........
  29. wd Dyslexia
  30. Most American Headline Ever: "Bounty hunter kills country singer Randy Howard in Tennessee gunfight"
  31. I don't like this story of Arsenal breaking the transfer rules. Part of being a smug arsenal fan is
  32. This bird that opened her gash piece up on that mountain - did she manage to get her arse 'ole in
  33. Earlier this week a friend advised me by sms that I owed him 250 sterling pounds.
  34. I have bought a batting helmet and want to wear it in a bit to get used to it
  35. still not any singings peter chec is not on arsenal.com and news now arsenal arsene ivan said to us
  36. I always thought this person on twitter was a c**t, now it's confirmed he's a retarded c**t.
  37. Is Fabregas's mask a fashion statement or for protection.?
  38. Any Welsh mohterf**kers about? Fight
  39. Some lucky bar-steward in the UK won tonight's EuroMillions Jackpot of GBP95M Yikes
  40. Just started Game of Thrones. Season 1, episodes 1 & 2
  41. never try n adjust your front derailleur gears imo esp on a fri eve
  42. lol this women's football thing. The Swiss score 6 goals in under 15 min hehe
  43. Am I on my own? Cry
  44. Music Shake Ya Booty Music
  45. Music Billy Dont Be A Hero Music
  46. Wonder if Arsene has seen this article.....
  47. best book? mines still zen and art of motorcycle maintenance tbh
  48. I see Milan signed Martinez for 35m. I think it's wonderful these Italian clubs
  49. The new magic eye pictures are just as ****e as the old wons...
  50. Wonder who will have the honour of driving the stake through the heart at Sir Christopher's funeral.
  51. Lewandowski with a four minute hattrick Yikes
  52. Neg, good ride today esp as on nose, fags n booze till 6 am imo
  53. Blimey Yikes It's took him a few years but Wenger is finally getting it >
  54. Favourite Takeaway?
  55. Ok all you AWIMB romeos out there, have you tried this? >>
  56. I'm starting to get nervous about the Chesea game. Gonna be a nervy summer.
  57. C'mon England! Yawn
  58. kerion gibbs is worse arsenal player he can not even pass to cross ball to own team player can not p
  59. Smokin
  60. Wales go above England in the rankings as it stands. Hodgson out!!!
  61. Oh
  62. Not sure what I'm watching but it appears England are playing football :o
  63. Woohoo Jack! Smile
  64. Wilshere looks better in a team full of average English players than he does in
  65. Should get the red card for not knocking Rooney out,,,.ahocking waste of an elbow....
  66. Desmond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  67. Andy Townsend Bingo!
  68. My Cardiff mate was moaning at Wilshire all through the first half - he'll have to do that every
  69. And Townsend lowers the tone....he's better for England than Arsenal
  70. Wave Andy Townsend.
  71. england saved by The Arsenal
  72. A bit harsh to slate a team that just won but the state of Brazilian football
  73. Calling all ****ers ****er >>
  74. Music Leftfield Music Bow :tinn
  75. A rather nice description of Phil Jones from F365
  76. I hope Dave Grohl isn't using Arsenal's doctors.
  77. Anyone watch the TFI Friday anniversary special? I thought it was great until Lewis Hamilton came on
  78. Possibly the dullest exchange on the internet, see what Arsene's done to us?!
  79. I demand only one thing from commentators or pundits. A value shared by
  80. Beer or piss?
  81. So I missed the final performance of Andy 'In And Around' Townsend? Frown
  82. So, last Game of Thrones tonight for a while
  83. If you could have any musicians skills who would you pick?
  84. Hmm. It costs 3 pounds to join the Labour party and that entitles you to a vote in the
  85. Always liked Hleb Bow
  86. Rather disappointd that Rachel Dolezal didn't affect a really bad African-American twang
  87. So my local football side kicks off the Mini World Cup tonight.
  88. Did anybody catch that channel 4 thing, Humans, last night?
  89. Philae has woken up again Clound Nine
  90. Who is AdamArsenal on Twitter? Someone on here? >>>
  91. That's pretty ugly, in fairness.
  92. Game of Thrones finale
  93. Rock stars usually have cool jeans.
  94. i find secret www adress to watch new arsenal kit tonite on secret chanel i give to you gooners beco
  95. On another note, Xbox One will play Xbox 360 games from Autumn
  96. I'll tell you what grits my ****.
  97. PSG supposedly offering 39m for Cech, I'd like him but not that much
  98. All that "Be careful what you wish for" re commentators on ITV yesterday...
  99. The Jewishers are proper, proper mental, aren’t they. Not to mention rather callous.
  100. I am a bit quiet. Have we signed anywon yet?
  101. So when I first saw Dany and her dragon in rolling green fields I was hoping that the dragon had
  102. This GoT stuff... another series I haven't ever seen, to go with morse, 24
  103. The First Lady visits the UK and they send her to Shadwell Indifferent
  104. I'm actually coming round to this whole Brienne business
  105. Podolski off to Galatasaray for 1.4m and Jenkinson to Sunderland on loan
  106. Mortifying moment at lunchtime. I was walking along an alley, I looked in front and behind me to
  107. May I be the first to say that the draw for the first round of the league cup is fixed
  108. I am thinking about leaving the country again.
  109. WorkWIMB: Professional people thoughts.
  110. Who among you agree with the decision to let Jenkinson leave and why?
  111. Cameroon Women's team looking like new men in the second half
  112. The thesps among you may wish to see "An Audience with Jimmy Savile".
  113. Five minutes till the fixtures come out and not one of you has declared them to be a fix yet.
  114. West Ham at HOME on opening day..
  115. Pretty cool of Ivan to hang out with Arsenal Fan TV IMO
  116. AW should not write a cheque for Cech and tell Mourinho to go f*ck himself. We have enough keepers.
  117. I like when people moan that the fixtures are fixed. Well of course they are.
  118. Look at all the Saturday 15:00 fixtures Clound Nine
  119. Belting run in, not so keen on the start
  120. Bad news for Fash, Foo Fighters cancel eurotour
  121. City have offered 40m for Sterling and the scousers rejected it. What are they smoking etc....
  122. Another reason why Wenger won't be going for Vidal.....
  123. When does the real fixture list come out? The one after the TV companies have pillaged it?
  124. If we want to win the league we have to win our first five games, to go into the Chelsea game (the
  125. This Rachel Dolezal business. Who knew that the film 'Soul Man' would be quite so prophetic? hehe
  126. Having a child makes me wish I’d drunk more in the past and was more accustomed to feeling utterly
  127. I remember reading a 'diary' online of a premier league footballers daily schedule.
  128. When does the real fixture list come out? The one after the TV companies have made all the clubs
  129. Classy - but hardly surprising
  130. Ooooooooooooooooooooospina :crossborders:
  131. Betfair have suspended betting on Cech joining us
  132. So does this mean the members can expect a request from a Lagos hedge fund with a PO Box number ?
  133. fix chore shed yule
  134. They say that every cloud has a silver lining.
  135. This oxtail soup tastes sweet.
  136. Dragon'sDenwimb
  137. Ringo Starr comes out against ISIS "They're against everything we stood for"
  138. I quite like American stuff normally. But Donald Trump running for president.
  139. Pards is loving the off season, glorying in the spoils of victory
  140. Cyclist confronts woman eating cereal at the wheel of her car as she drives hehe
  141. This habit cyclists have developed of filming everything seems to have convinced them that they are
  142. Good grief,almost 900 lurkers as we speak
  143. I actually assaulted my first cyclist the other Saturday.
  144. Read it Hero of Anfield '89 back in an Arsenal shirt!
  145. Two nudding!
  146. advice people. whats the best way to ask for a reference
  147. Ronaldooooooo.....Rub chin ....having a good time ''with his mates''
  148. Jack fined 40k and 'severely' warned about his future conduct. In other news, our new away kit
  149. If you have a car do you keep it tidy inside?
  150. As I previously mentioned, do we really need Cech and is he worth the **** that Mourinho is giving
  151. What do you think of Stickys?
  152. Well done Boris Clap
  153. The turnaround with the ODI stuff is quite impressive. Although i can't say i enjoy seeing
  154. Yesterday I saw a man, a grown adult male, riding a scooter.
  155. The Pachys are out of containment.
  156. I wonder if the IMF have anyone sat at a desk in credit management patiently waiting on a BACS
  157. Liverpool set to sign Gomez from Charlton for 3.5m
  158. Ospina to Fenerbace for 5.5m euros, done deal after the Copa America
  159. I am particularly enjoying well known sports journos having to write about the Women's game
  160. What's this current obsession with Pulled Pork all about?
  161. Three cheers for the BBC!!! We're still top of the league!!!
  162. So Cech is a dummer. Rosicky is a guitarist. Who else can join Czech mate? Is Nedved still about?
  163. Who says tech companies dont have a sense of humour
  164. Favourite meal?
  165. At this time 200 years ago, the attack was going in on La Haye Sainte, while Napoleon's heavy
  166. Napoleon paved the way for Hitler. To present him as a hero of liberal values and democracy is crap.
  167. f**k me! The Pope's writing for The Guardian now! Frown
  168. Having sex with a girl who lives down the hall from you. Yes or no? She's offering all kinds of
  169. why da f**k is this **** a stickie?
  170. I don't want Cech but wouldn't it be funny if Chelsea replace him with Robert Green and then lose
  171. the pope talking about global warming being man made opens a can of worms really
  172. God......is it 20 years?....it is indeed
  173. Roberts out...Chirstophe Lollichon in...along with Petr Cech to Arsenal
  174. There's something of the Jedi about this Dennis quote
  175. Why do some bad things (eg the holocausts) need to be remembered but other bad things (eg Jimmy
  176. Bit of a ******* to have hung on that long,only to lose your grip when the landing gear gets lowered
  177. Good lord! The stories one misses out on by not reading the tabloids, eh?
  178. Some won't be happy with signing Cech but for me it's a great move.
  179. I'm on my 5 coffee of the day. Is this a bit too much?
  180. I'll rephrase the question without names to make it easy for the obtuse and others. When bad things
  181. "Arsenal's Mesut Ozil believes playing with older kids in tight spaces aided his development"
  182. I've been looking at these Crowdfunding/kickstarter websites. It seems people will give money to
  183. HERE'S ONE FOR YOU: Most embarrassing moment as an Arsenal fan.
  184. This made me cry
  185. Kerry Dixon joins the lags XI (well, a sub)
  186. The most embarassing moment for me....
  187. As 'Transgender' is a hot topic these days. Everybody not knowing how to act or people fishing or
  188. fleetwood mac ..got chance of going next week in hospitality..what you reckon?
  189. If we're talking non-football Arsenal embarrassments, then surely the day we unleashed that c**t
  190. Music Girls Music Moments and Juggernauts
  191. Music Welove108fm Music
  192. Good evening 'Wimb. One question...
  193. I love Petr Cech already Clap
  194. Music Into the Valley* Music
  195. Was close to puking, had to go to a concert below Shamford Bridge tonight. Ugh.
  197. Sorry, but I can't understand this Christian forgiveness business. I would relish killing him.
  198. That Claude guy is found and ok.
  199. whats all this about arsenal claude topping himself?
  200. Anyone here know that Claude fella from ArsenalfanTV? He may be killing himself tonight. Get in
  201. Reminder to self: Don't go drinking with Kerry Dixon hehe
  202. Would love this player at arsenal....Jordy Clasie Clound Nine
  203. If the Chelsea keeper deal falls through can we say the Cech bounced?
  204. sounds fair
  205. Clap
  206. Sir Andy Murray does it again!!! Impressive stuff.
  207. Breaking news: Tens of millions don't attend anti-austerity marches!!!
  208. Jake Lloyd - actor that played young Anakin Skywalker - turns to the darkside in real life
  209. si which of these people are we getting? schneid, kondog, carval, martin, ibrahimovich?
  210. Can't score with a straightforward header...
  211. Good morning Awimb. How was your weekend?
  212. No idea what the f**k is going on
  213. What's all this about the Angriest Arsenal Fan In The World and a suicide bid?
  214. Fuel,check.Radio,check.Four legged interloper,check
  215. Happy Father's Day, Daddy!
  216. hehe brighton gunner sat next to #welbz on a plane
  217. I really do wish the Greeks and EU would just get on with it.
  218. Golds Gym hehe what a fine advert that was......
  219. It's clearly rather amusing watching the Comrades turn on Brand, but what is even
  220. Update on Entourage: Series 1 & 2 excellent, series 3 ok, series 4 poor, series 5 poor until the
  221. ThingsToWorryAboutWIMB: I’m about to become homeless.
  222. I have several grands worth of cash monies sat here with me now
  223. Jack Grealish thinks he's in the Inbetweeners
  224. I was thinking back to my secondary school days. I am still not sure what 'Food Tech' was for.
  225. I don't sleep properly anymore. And I have a constant feeling of anxiety
  226. I've just started reading Patrick Leigh Fermor's book A Time of Gifts, which is about him walking
  227. Bumped into Bert Large on a golf course today. Very nice man.
  228. wd kju imo
  229. She can tug on my joystick...and other bad yoke's .. Smile
  230. I see Kondogbia has gone gone to play in the knacker's yard and signed for Inter.
  231. Now bullying is bang out of order usually, in this case though it's totally understandable
  232. Anyway, remember that some bloke (can't remember who) on some podcast
  233. Noah I know. Nice interview with Arsene
  234. Yikes
  235. Welcome to Abramovic's discarded whore Frown
  236. :flounce: I quit. I will not return to awimb until I have changed my frame of mind.
  237. Paint by numbers
  238. WHY THE f**k IS IT A STICKIE???
  239. Well done to England's Womens team - beating the Nogs in the World Cup
  240. BELL
  241. For all of you Gunnersaurus haterz, it could be much worse
  242. Chesney hoping that nobody notices
  243. OPERATION STACK coming into FORCE - M20 !
  244. 3rd meanest defence in the league and 3rd best goals for in the league
  245. hehe The pre-assist stats are out.
  246. So new True Detective didn't seem that **** did it? Not that I've got a clue what was going on.
  247. With all this universal praise for Cech I'm starting to get worried
  248. Right hotels, places, info..going to fly to jakarta in mid dec and also visit singapore
  249. NASA yet to confirm Rover has discovered a pyramid on Mars
  250. hehe Some top art ****er self-parody here