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  1. Can anyone recommend pubs in/near Borehamwood for tomorrow? Preferably with a garden
  2. awimb Restaurant Ponces, lovely Meades documentary on the 'British Food Revolution'
  3. Oh dear, Mr Cook Frown
  4. Aha, the entirely trustworthy Russians on the ground claim that 'many of the bodies weren't fresh,
  5. That fella with the asian missus who didn't get on the flight could at least have had the decency to
  6. Two of the Brits on MH17 on way to see NUFC pre-season in NZ >>>>
  7. Cook is a cock. "Temporay loss of form"...yeah, right
  8. What's all this? AST down the ****ter?
  9. Rodgers on Sanchez “That was one where geography dictated where he wanted to
  10. Latest news from Nic Bender's hollowed out volcano of ego
  11. Any bad aids jokes re: aids research lot on that yon hairyplane?
  12. There is a veritable perfect storm of instability out there at the moment, what with
  13. Macklemore begins his song “Same Love” with this line:
  14. Say you had multiple log ins for a website. Say a football forum. How do you organise all the names
  15. Calm down, everything's going to get better now.
  16. So is Debauchy gooderer or ****terer than Sagna, then?
  17. Poor old malaysia airlines. They are well and truly f**ked
  18. "The following report contains disturbing images" my fat, white arse. That should be "all images
  19. lovei t! have we discussed this ladies vagina kayak ? up **** creek with a paddle etc Safe for offic
  20. hehe Clap the latest member: Thicosia genius
  21. Sir David Brailsford's uncanny prescience in having Porte rather than Wiggo as Plan B paying off in
  22. Hamas are fecking useless. I won't be using them to sort out my cat problem.
  23. Interesting point made by Philippe Auclair that the reason we were able to retain many of our
  24. What's for dinner?
  25. Travelwimb: Looking for a holiday in December for two weeks. Any suggestions?
  26. Itv4 is riduiduculles one of the best films e ver
  27. we got a bad ass thunderstorm a coming
  28. I reckon Palace will finish above the Arse Wave Palace 4th Arse 5th
  29. What a thoroughly nice guy the Ox is
  30. hehe
  31. Mourinho must be worried about us the amount of fishing he is doing
  32. I think Barry might be an alcoholic. The tell tell signs are there.
  33. So this pre-season friendly's not onthe arsePlayer? Can you watch it anywhere?
  34. Podolski is off. I like him as a person but not as a footballer. Good riddance.
  35. This fella on Arsenal TV is more childrens TV presenter than football presenter.
  36. Disappointing season at Barca hehe
  37. The new kit looks quite nice. Don't accessorize with **** boots though
  38. For those who care: #Arsenal team to play Boreham Wood: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Ajayi, Hayden, Monreal,
  39. Oi bueno. Wot's all this about you getting in a bit of a fracas last night then?
  40. Will Yayaya ever score?
  41. What's the strange thing at the bottom of the screen like somebody with some papers
  42. He's not gonna score, is he?
  43. Why am I watching this?
  44. Football is better watched on the Ipad rather than the PC/Laptop
  45. Can't see anything on wiziwig, any guidance appreciated.
  46. Thought AW would have some tasty shorts on, showing his skinny white lallies.
  49. hehe my missus. "he's easier on the eye than that postman. can he play every week"
  50. New signing - Diaby. Thumb Up
  51. Where are all those lazy f**kers, who've been putting their feet on copacabana beach?
  52. 0-2 Game Over
  53. We need to stop giving way these cheap free kicks. F#%k's sake!
  54. Akpom still looks better than Sanogo imo
  55. 2-0!!! F#&KING HAVE THAT YOU T#SSERS!!
  56. Flamini talking a lot of sense there. He always says the right things that geezer.
  57. Thought Yaya looked like he's come on a bit, v. promising. Same with Diaby. Squad looks perfect.
  58. I predict Van Gaal leaving within a year.
  59. Kalou to Liverpool hehe hehe
  60. Had I known I would have met them at the beach. I wonder if they rolled up their pants
  61. Conor McGregor Fight Bow Clou</a></li>
	<li> <a href=Did any of you lot get the storms last night? I saw some pictures of the clouds
  62. Brazil have found their true level - they are preparing to face Exeter City.
  63. Still making me laugh hehe
  64. What an impressive win! We beat the mighty Boreham Wood.
  65. Good business? Sell Borini for 14 M, buy Remy for 8m
  66. Those masons are strange fellas
  67. Yikes Balotelli, Khedira & Casillas? Did someone give AW a beta version of Football Manager 2015?
  68. Podolski on the grid Thumb Up
  69. Hamilton 2nd in the GP after 18 laps - was he using warp speed to get there from so far back..
  70. Jadeja
  71. So........ has Nic not posted since the great
  72. W. Carvalho deal looks the most likely one for the CM.... Has anyone seen him play ?
  73. Can Jenkinson play CB?
  74. Kristoff!! Talk about timing! hehe
  75. CricketWIMB..So England lose their fourth wicket and. apparently are doomed. Looking at the Indian
  76. INFO NICE-MATIN. Accord OGC Nice-Arsenal pour le transfert d'Ospina
  77. Oh dear.
  78. What's the point of putting monty python on and f**king bleeping it all so you can't f**king follow
  79. Why the f**k would anyone want Balotelli?
  80. AW won't bring the team to the US so the fans here can see them play but he would rather have...
  81. Cook makes Mike Brearley look like Bradman...drop him
  82. How does Dubuchy compare to Sagna? Is he at least equal?
  83. Singing and playing right up till the end. RIP Johnny, my youth guitar hero, and still being played
  84. Who are these neanderthals who can't behave when watching golf? It's not Ryder Cup so they can't be
  85. Husband compiles list of excuses wife gives for not having sex hehe
  86. I am starting my new shift times this week. top stuff imo
  87. Aw f**k, 'Chelsea set to re-sign Didier Drogba on one-year contract'
  88. RIP James Garner Cry
  89. avocado sandwich here at 2 am. going jogging in three hours, get a head start on the day.
  90. That Rich Hall documentary on California last night was ace
  91. Watched a youtube video of that Carvalho chap. Quite the physical specimen.
  92. Some really sad news to report Frown
  93. So I saw Rise of the Planet Of the Apes last night for the first time and I'm bemused.
  94. Negredo out for 'a few months'' with a, that is ''A'' , fractured metatarsol. POOF
  95. I found a new flat. Has taken a total of 2 working days to find the one I wanted
  96. I guess Nicos is still "busy"
  97. Spurs - Top 6 this year - Yes or No?
  98. Biggest transfer news of this summer.. Xavi to New York city FC ... Bow Legend ....
  99. LANS Clound Nine
  100. Posted on my Facebook
  101. So having not learned my lesson I've decided to lay India at 1.92
  102. Khedira to Monaco.
  103. Last ball before lunch....is it still Ramadan?
  104. Former Arsenal goalkeeper Alan Miller fallen to pretty lowly depths Frown
  105. How well do you know your local area?
  106. Hmmm. Raw, cold cauliflower curry is actually rather nice. Who knew?
  107. 3 TULISA Clound Nine
  108. f**k's sake Shout
  109. Prior proving wicketkeepers are as dumb as fast bowlers Roll eyes
  110. Ben Stokes to the rescue!!
  111. Urghh....
  112. Oh FFS. Collective pulling madness. Like a Wednesday night at boys boarding school
  113. And now, for expert opinion on the middle east, we take you to Jorge in Yorkshire
  114. Exactly!
  115. 0,5,5,4,0,4,0,0,0,0 - the future of English cricket Frown
  116. Hmmm. Ishant 'I'm really not very good' Sharma appears to have seven wickets. Rub chin
  117. modd gets ready for Arsenal's new signing Bow
  118. I should like to take a brief moment to congratulate the Arsenal box office, which
  119. "I do not find children sexually attractive but I do find them interesting as a food source." hehe
  120. Watched the first 4 episodes of Californication. Top stuff. Who knew thon bloke from
  121. "Referee David Boon gets a crate of lager."
  122. wd Mrs Curly imo
  123. Did anyone here go see The Pythons? Watching in on the box at them moment
  124. Finally some good news for English team sports
  125. CannibalismWIMB: If you had to eat part of a human, what would you eat and how would you prepare it?
  126. Putin has gone too far! Tom Daley's plane has been forced to land in Russia, will he be arrested???
  127. I know he's French, but surely a New York accent is *the* easiest in the world
  128. Ron Paul Ruski supporter. What say you Chief?
  129. Leaked Star Wars plot ****spoilers, possibly*****
  130. Just heard Obama castigating Russia for arming separatists. Now, I am no leftist troublemaker but
  131. UK piracy crackdown. Yikes 4 warnings a year? Shocking seens.
  132. Prior gone
  133. A week since Nicosia posted. Wave come back Nicos ( I know you're lurkin )
  134. Where's Nic? I've missed him on our walks Frown
  135. Is Gunner Since Time Began, modd?
  136. Oooh! The new Avengers movie is being filmed at the old Police college in Hendon
  137. Andre Santos beaten up by his own supporters at Flamengo FC
  138. There should be a special award for this kind of stupidity.
  139. Is Arsenal v Spuds live on BT?
  140. So pissed I missed these muthas. Music
  141. I know there's a long way to go, but I'm a tad concerned
  142. This is why Arsene is the greatest!,
  143. And this week's Nicosia I've been hacked/edited award goes to...
  144. Let the excuses begin!
  145. f**k me! Had a bad dream, we'd lost the first game of the season 0-2 to Leeds! Thank goodness I
  146. Very good article about Di Natale.....always good as first goalscorer when having a punt...
  147. Tush and boogie, wtf else is there? Music
  148. So I'm back from Mallorca, then. Who have we signed?
  149. I know I’m a cretin and should not have needed telling, but why has it taken 34 years for me to be
  150. I see Real Madrid have signed James Rodriguez. They'll have quite the team with
  151. right on, brother-men, I'm heading down to Comicon in San Diego this wkend. Smile
  152. The poor Newcastle fan who died in the Ukraine plane crash sounds like a quirky character
  153. Cheapest way to find a removals company? I heard about some site
  154. Now, I was willing to cut the fat black lad from Arsenal TV some slack on account of him being
  155. This is the thing that pisses me of with Real Madrid...
  156. According to the Daily Mail we are after Nastasic......if Vermaelen leaves
  157. Quite a Contrast...
  158. Spanish Segunda B side unveil their new kit.
  159. so we signed that colombish goaltender then ... szcz no more no.1 it seems, ospina it is.
  160. Bloody hell! These Donetsk rebel guys don't give a **** do they?
  161. Predict the next in the squence:
  162. Cards on the table...I didn't renew ... Expenses got on top and with a heavy heart ...
  163. ARISE SIR C !!! A miracle has happened today……..
  164. Fecking hell. fantasy football seems to open earlier every year.
  165. Loooooooooool we turned down buying Messi for ¤197m
  166. I see Usmanov has lost £2.8bn this year, mainly down to the Ukraine crisis. But he is still stinking
  167. septics Glazer
  168. I learned today that our beloved team will be playing Henry & the N,Y. Redbulls from a cashier @ my
  169. Liverpool is determined to spend every cent they got for chompers
  170. "Bojan to Stoke City". My word Indifferent
  171. Panama
  172. Clound Nine
  173. Ospina is to small for a keeper
  174. Wave Bye bye Abramovich hehe
  175. It's been a while* since there's been a top-quality, preposterously silly piece in the Guardian.
  176. How come people are sticking up for Palestine these days then?
  177. The new Mario Götze (Eisfeld) has joined Fulham.
  178. Genuine document handed out ahead of my girlf's self-development day at work today Clap
  179. Farwell Awimb. I have enjoyed my ten years or so on the board...
  180. 1. Squash 2. Badminton and 3. Judo ....which sports suit you?
  181. What's for lunch?
  182. You know when some blokes get all excited if they see a woman eating a banana.
  183. Abramovich must face sanctions but the appropriate punishment would be for Chelsea to be expelled
  184. The Lair by some Rumanian author is the answer to the post below. Utter ****.
  185. I was wrong. I posted last week that the press should refrain from sanitising pictures of MH17 and
  186. Brief moment of self-awareness from Tim Lovejoy where he realises how much of a c**t he is
  187. Virgin or Sky?
  188. Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022. Chances of both WCs happening in the original countries?
  189. Would it be impertinent to ask you all what the last book you read was?
  190. Wikipedia -- "known as Abou Diaby or Shabby Babz"
  191. Just seen BT Sport have used the 6-0 thrashing at Chelsea for their second advert for
  192. I mean, thank god we got a few socked away already. so that when khedira and carvalho piss on us, it
  193. Say it ain't so, Arsene/Arsenal!
  194. Bayonets at Berkeley, just to show I'm not making it up
  195. The Prince - Niccolò Machiavelli
  196. I'm wondering if Man U. will pay a visit to the Kardashians while they are here.
  197. good evening mr Nic. You more than make up for my loss
  198. A friend of mine has been commissioned to write an article about David Bentley. Apart from his being
  199. ItV4 Dirty Harry Stick ya human rights imo and Harry's
  200. If United are getting Hummels for £16million then shirely we should be considering a rival bid to
  201. So once you clear the crap we have effectivly signed one player
  202. I'm hearing about some dutch fella who was supposed to be on BOTH MA flights that came to grief. He
  203. f**k me with this shambles the sweatys will stay wont they? just to share blame
  204. that gay thorpe swimmer chap coming out....i thought it was common knowledge?
  205. Virgin are emailing and calling me to offer me internet for my new place.
  206. If this story doesn't tug your heartstrings then your heart is a black, wizened vessel of
  207. Not that anyone gives a **** but the squad for the NY Red Bulls game is
  208. Fecking 'ell I wish people would stop sending me selfies via pm
  209. I'll tell ya what, Obama might his critics but he's handling this current thang just right. WD Bruv.
  210. where's the yanks?
  211. As Ramsey improves he also gets better looking.
  212. Floyd's made himself some toast
  213. Has this story we're selling Monreal to Atletico Madrid got legs? Doesn't make any sense to me.
  214. DG's in da hoooouse, I wonder how much did they pay for this exclusive? Rub chin
  215. Iker Casillas. Am I the only one who doesn't want to see him near an Arsenal shirt?
  216. Footballers who look like smokers. (without any evidence)
  217. Tonight Man U. thrashed L.A. Galaxy 7-0. Anybody going to closely follow the Commonwealth games?
  218. Blimey. Emirates Cup next weekend, Charity Shield the following weekend...
  219. So it's "New signing Thursday" . Who's it gonna be?
  220. Shreddies. The prince of cereals. Eat
  221. aaron ramsey looks like kevin richardson reincarnated and updated
  222. Quiz: In 2010 France played a match featuring 8 players who at one point or another have played
  223. Ouch .. Another Plane...
  224. Gibbs, Chesney and Flamini almost got sent home by Wenger for swapping his coffee with gravy hehe
  225. I don't get the Jenkinson Archibishop photoshops.....what's the deal?
  226. Tolerance?
  227. Jack Wilshere the "DM". Now i don't doubt that he could adjust to it like Arteta
  228. I'm convinced we will sign Carvalho and Costa as they share the same first names as my son and I.
  229. Attempted attack on Yossi Benayoun in Austria. Frown
  230. This is nice, Bundesliga fixture list as a music festival poster...
  231. We are selling Campbell to AC Milan for £15million hehe
  232. Jorge....
  233. The extensive media coverage of pre-season friendlies
  234. Strange band merchandise...
  235. Thoughts on NYC FC's logo? Very familiar looking.
  236. Oh Middlesex Frown
  237. Super Mario to Atlético de Madrid Indifferent
  238. Fecking 'ell, it must have been like Gaping Gill in there...
  239. I don't want to sell Joel Campbell yet.
  240. Is Beef Jerky popular? They seem to sell it in all supermarkets yet I've never seen
  241. How many Awimbers have considered the preferential vision of our players when mouthing off
  242. Underwear bomber plot failed because he 'wore same pants for two weeks'
  243. Thierry in France, is he poorly thought of?
  244. Full kit ****ers Frown
  245. After watching PL Legends programmes for Campbell and Pires I conclude
  246. Have we savagely cùnted off the Commonwealth Games yet?
  247. I saw TV's Jason Manford yesterday. Sir C had no idea who he was.
  248. Have a good weekend everywon Wave
  249. Another week, another verdict. Tuliisa on the botox...