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  1. Sign Ross Barkley immediately.
  2. I'm actually experiencing PMSD, Post Match Stress Disorder.
  3. Funnny. Looking at our fixtures, say this was 7/8 years ago, come November we'd expect to be top.
  4. It's only a game.
  5. I don't think the Arsenal fan in this video is an AKB....
  6. "they boo and they cry, you make misery for all arsenal support" Clap
  7. What's the deal with Podolski? Class act imo. So why is he warming the bench?
  8. hehe
  9. A lot of sense spoken by one of Neg's fellow countrymen....
  10. Bloody football, feck the lotta ya! I said we started back too soon.
  11. This kid has more sense of what needs doing at Arsenal compared to 7.5M per year Wenger..
  12. I can see Berbatov and Bent ripping us apart. Cry
  13. It would want to be one hell of a final 2 weeks of the trasnsfer window.
  14. Lots of positives from today's game. It's going to be a good season.
  15. Arsene do yourself a favor and all Arsenal fans its over Go
  16. Let me tell you how f**ked up some of our 'fans' are...
  17. So should I pop on the recording of the match?...or will that ruin my already ruined Saturday ?
  18. I see I missed Frimpy earlier Cry ....I miss abusing the lad Frown
  19. I never realised that London was getting new buses until the other day
  20. We should buy agbonlowhore imo... :lowerleveltarget:
  21. On the final whistle I went to the pub, we wuz robbed.
  22. Any quotes from Wenger?
  23. When we succuessfully appeal the first Kos yellow this means no pen should have been given and we
  24. Mack, remember the Irish rally lads you posted awhile back?...these guys would give them a race imo
  25. It's the morning after for me already and it doesn't feel good at all :(
  26. well that's blown the 'settled squad' theory apart
  27. Arsene is the robber that is robbing your house and then thank him and bring him a sandwich and a ..
  28. 60 million to dortmund forLewandowski, Gundogan and Hummels that should sort us out
  29. Super Super Quality
  30. Well said John Hartson ==>
  31. so Rooney did not play yesterday. hmmmmm
  32. Not looking good for the Ox. 3 months they're saying.
  33. I suppose if Wenger wants to win the fans over he could could always go in for Falcao
  34. Having watched the replays of the two penalty incidents
  35. hehe
  36. Good video by the sunday supplement on wenger in the transfer market. He is such a ditherer
  37. when you look at it, wenger is pretty much like mubarak, assad, the saudi prince
  38. Could we get Lukaku? I think he's f**king ace.
  39. Frown Frown Frown
  40. I suppose Wengers weekend could only get worse now is if Chamakh came on and scored a hattrick.
  41. it was clear for me
  42. Spotting an AKB (Arsene's knackered brigade)
  43. I would like to recognize and salute the guy at the Emirates who was
  44. how the f**k does one transfer files from Samsung galaxy to a macbook. :bonehead:
  45. The club is being run like a sinking ship
  46. So all those AKB who have been ridiculing us for the past 6 years now agree???
  47. trivia and ****, who was the last manager to return to a top flight major club?
  48. So Spurs with all their fancy new signings are struggling to break down Crystal Palace.
  49. As things stand we're out of the relegation zone Bow
  50. The new goal detection technology worked today disallowing what looked like a Chelsea goal.
  51. Imagine making a 50m+ signing and benching him for the first game of the season hehe
  52. Reasonably strong statement finally from AST. Must have been that guy abusing Payton Yesterday
  53. United bid for Fellani.
  54. Where are all the weekday office Awimb charlies?
  55. So wenger and gazidis earn between them 10m a year Yikes had 90 days to buy deseperately needed
  56. English penalty takers hehe
  57. Is this Neg?
  58. So many Spurs trolls on here
  59. As usual when he's not playing, we badly missed Arteta yesterday.
  60. I didn't actually realise how thin our squad was. There's 20 players when everyone is
  61. AST have issued the following statement
  62. So spurs' new signing scores the winner for their first game of the season
  63. Barca 6 nil up before half time hehe
  64. looks like jose is back doing what he does best.
  65. If you are looking for a traditional pub and anywhere near Beaconsfield then "The Royal Standard of
  66. So AST think Wenger actually has 100m to spend this summer
  67. I found a HSBC Visa credit card while out for a walk today, what is the best cause of action? Do I
  68. pssst Paolo, it's the Coke that's bad for you, not the ice
  69. AW: Referee did not show good speerit.
  70. Putting aside his idealism...
  71. Nina Bracewell Smith on Twitter saying she wished she hadnt sold to Kroenke
  72. southampton sign osvaldo for 15m
  73. Jesus wept, "Liverpool agree 17M fee for Christian #Eriksen"
  74. Ha, the taylor made studios could put guitars out at 140 decibels. hehe
  75. How many sides outside the top 4, have a better forward line than Arsenal?
  76. Charly Hull hehe 17 year old and ice cool. The next female golf star.
  77. Remember the two Nog chaps (one's half English) who got arrested in the Kongo for murder?
  78. Squad is thin - time to spend!
  79. ssn "Arsenal in talks with 2 players"
  80. Was it Wenger of Ivan who said that we will smash our record transfer, this summer....
  81. Huge Dog's Egg laid in MOTD green room
  82. Spurs and Liverpool fighting over Willian hehe
  83. This the story of The Who's BEST album. Not to be missed.
  84. EUFS. you need to calm down mate . . .
  85. mirror also says deal for Williams in place awaiting Wengers ok.
  86. speaking of mental illness, perhaps we can get wenger institutionalized. then *we can make transfer
  87. times reporting spurs about to sign Contraeo and willian
  88. AWIMB seems the perfect place for me to ask whether
  89. mirror reports ox out for the season.
  90. Word Up!
  91. If we do manage to get rid of Wenger
  92. Robbie Keane is banging in hattricks for the galaxy...might be worth a punt imo
  93. btw, if you happen to flip onto a Nine for iX documentary by ESPN
  94. Btw Chief, I see 'Deliverance' is on HDnet movies...what you call a romantic comedy in your parts!
  95. Our Dear Leader ... Egypt in flames, as is Idaho
  96. What exactly is the Russian authorities problem with this? Seems very romantic to me Shrug
  97. Ryan Dempster Clound Nine >>>>>>>>
  98. *******s, we will see but i may jack it in at the end of. this sdason the way things are goingi
  99. Spurs new signing scored their winner and another new signing was MOTM .. very annoying!!
  100. it is time. we must initiate arsenal's fourth protocol. a set of rules put in place at the
  101. Moyes has just bid 28m for both Baines and Fellaini. GLWTP imo
  102. Is this true about the ox - ACL gone?
  103. Lady Bracewell-Smith: I deeply regret selling my shares to Stan Kroenke
  104. I do find it rather amusing that perhaps the worst ref job in the history of the league
  105. He won't sign Lewandowski because he could've bought him for 300k a few years ago Clap
  106. Interesting prop bet at yesterday's BBQ
  107. Even Nicosia won't mind this Turkish advert - featuring Kelly Brook Tits up
  108. Frank Lampard would be a great signing for us. A bid of 10million for him would
  109. Oooh! Even the AST are throwing their toys out of the pram in regards to Wenger...
  110. All of this **** is ruining any enjoyment of football for me.
  111. Jogi Lw is first choice to replace Wenger ... possibly Rub chin
  112. Tim Payton is going to try and take credit for new signings isn't he? Indifferent
  113. Avoiding the crap of Satruday and basically the pre season... what is the FF Awimb number pls
  114. I don't have the stats but how many games have we lost when Wislhere has started
  115. This AST letter, I see they try to suggest certain things without
  116. a bid for willian as quality quality player and at 21m must surely be on Wengers agenda
  117. Can you imagine Arsene & Ivan doing their weekly shop together?
  118. I've seen mentions of fighting amongst home fans on Saturday.
  119. Who would have thought Modd would be the sage, intelligent and, dare I say it, *reasonable* one
  120. My thoughts on the Villa game
  121. People who play the Sun's Fantasy Football game.
  122. Love Arsenal. Love Arsene. Laugh at retarded Spuds fans posing as Arsenal fans on net.
  123. I like the way that an horrendous referee performance gets over shadowed
  124. on a possitive note Ramsey Rosicky and Gibbs expected to be fit for the Turks
  125. If Arsend Wengker was my freind on facebooks i would de-freind him.
  126. I am 100% behind Wenger in so much that there is no point in buying players
  127. :crying: Robin van Persie :crying: ....
  128. Torres? Hide
  129. Where the f**k is Jorge? I want to ask him some questions.
  130. We are out to 16-1 for the title ,
  131. I don't suppose anybody here is going to the game on Wednesday?
  132. Arsenalfan TV?
  133. We've made a bid for Cabaye SSN understands.
  134. Rub chin United offer 16m for Fellaini, who cost Everton 17.5m
  135. I've no doubt Wenger will get a highly paid job elsewhere and good luck to him.
  136. If YOU had the alleged 70m to spend on transfers, who would you get?
  137. What is it with the bum licking of Arteta on here? He's rubbish. We will
  138. When does Cesc arrive?
  139. On second thought, I think we should buy Cabaye, just to get Theo away from free kicks.
  140. USAwimb. Off to the states on business in October but before the hard work I
  141. We have also made enquiries for Paul Pogba and Geoffrey Kondogbia
  142. Regardless of the reasons. Our transfer strategy this summer has f**ked ourselves.
  143. Guess when the two events happened - 1) Hiring Wenger 2) Dein leaving
  144. The Times are saying our bid was 10m, Dismissed as derisory
  145. "It seems Arsene Wenger is leading a one man crusade against rising transfer prices"
  146. This Cabaye bid reeks of the Arteta transfer. I hope he's not planning on playing Cabaye at DM
  147. Dick Law has finally learnt how to use Mail Merge hehe
  148. Cabaye? :positiontrolleyatstartline:
  149. Is Cabaye a French Jack Wilshere? or more a French Cazorla?
  150. we should go all out to sing didier pogba.
  151. Mouriniho saying unlike other clubs they bid the correct
  152. Arsenal's transfer trolley dash underway.Bid for Cabaye, enquiries made for Pogba and Kondogbia
  153. If we sign Pogba, it would make this summer much much better!!
  154. cant believe Newcastle rejected our bid. We offered 10m
  155. BGM some mac questions.
  156. Arsenal Scouting Team Look Here
  157. Newcastle want 30m for Cabaye!!!!
  158. Wenger - Spender
  159. Thats it..I've gone over the line..Wenger out imo
  160. Michael Vaughan is almost as annoying on twitter as Piers Morgan
  161. For the first time in years we didn't let a high profile player leave.
  162. hehe
  163. Forget the financial part of the deal. Puma is rubbish.
  164. forgit caybaye i want to wave byebye to wengert.
  165. "A bid for Cabaye would have to blow the doors off" Sources say a bid of 30m might do it hehe
  166. i've been supporting this bunch for years..,. imiss the old days
  167. Email from Arsene, I'm the only one that gets it so here you go
  168. How could we have gotten this summer so spectacularly wrong?
  169. Nic..how vulgar and rude....
  170. What's the concensus over the Fenebahce game ?
  171. Is Lofty no longer on Arsenal TV doing fans forum?
  172. Oooo I fancy a beer & a fag Cry
  173. Has no-one noticed that those emails from Wenger are always verbatim digests of
  174. Cabaye would be a decent squad player, hes more of a ramsey though but we need help now arteta is ou
  175. Which is your favourite team?
  176. Serious Question. Is Willian not a top, top player. Would he not improve us?
  177. Music Top Four Is Our Everything Music
  178. We apparently have a defensive midf crisis, right?! Erm, Scotty, Scotty, Scotty Parker is available
  179. Well this is pretty horrific hehe
  180. 22 year-old freelancers calling themselves Managing Directors Roll eyes
  181. Spot on
  182. As I've been saying for years now,our home fans were as guilty as the team and the management
  183. Anyone seriously believe that we're in for Cabaye and Michu?
  184. Translation for Carragher anyone?
  185. What to do with half of the leg of lamb that I have left from my bbq yesterday?
  186. So...I got a Text saying that we bid 10M for Yohan Kebab. Is there any truth to this?
  187. Lars Bender, Kondogbia, Shako and Lukaku/Rooney would do me.
  188. everyone now knows we are desperate
  189. Cabaye not playing Clound Nine Welcome to Arsenal
  190. We're fast becoming the biggest joke in English football.
  191. LMAO. Twitter now saying we are preparing a bid for Kyle Walker. Its all gone mad
  192. Anyone get the impression Pardew is really keen to sell Cabaye
  193. Gonna watch some Cabaye youtube videos, see what we're getting.
  194. I've been meaning to post this for a week
  195. Wenger out Neville in IMO
  196. Don't understand how our 10m bid is being criticised by every c**t in England but Utd's
  197. Cabaye left out for "the good of the team". Maybe our "derisory" bid did what it was supposed to.
  198. Anthony Taylor dropped.
  199. Calm Down
  200. Carragher commentates like a cabbie stuck in bad traffic
  201. did we sign no did we buy nO did we get players no did we try to buy to sign super super quility NO
  202. Cabaye: hot or not?
  203. How about we sign a new public relations person, so we don't look like absolute amateur ********s
  204. Bendtner plus 6m for Cabaye is the new one.
  205. Rosicky + cash for Cabaye
  206. Newcastle creating nothing and Gutierez done hamstring
  207. Nasri has lost a few pounds by the look of it.....the bad aids Clound Nine
  208. hehe f**k you Pardew! Now give us that Kebab fella
  209. Bored of the cabaye thing now. Can we just sign flamini now please
  210. yaya and that fedinandinho similar to ramsey and wilshires defensive midfield performance
  211. To be honest I've never really noticed Cabaye, would he really make some difference?
  212. Citeh have quite the side. I fancy them to win the league. Reminds me a bit of Arsenal 10 years ago
  213. Arsenal and Palace flying up the league tonight Smile
  214. Paul Pogba Clound Nine
  215. The Telegraph are reporting that Mike Ashley responded to our 10.2m bid
  216. We are also after Pogba according to the Telegraph. Now that would be a very
  217. Oh this is absolute gold. Librarians recreate Sabotage by the Beasty Boys
  218. Speaking of 10 years ago, are there any plans for an anniversary 'Invincibles' ceremony?
  219. don't fall for it again chaps, lots of names will come up till September 2nd,
  220. Arsenal in talks with Valencia over goalie Vicente Guaita
  221. Genuine Stevenage FC cuisine hehe Cheesy Chips
  222. Talking of all that sort of thing, isn't Freddie due to join our coaching staff this Summer?
  223. Arsenal run like Hogans Heroes
  224. Where does the money go???
  225. Casillas wants to leave Real Madrid- I would whack an offer of 20m in for him
  226. Yohan Cabaye
  227. buy one of these please . . .
  228. Bang head a complete and utter shambles. Bang head
  229. Sums it all up really!
  230. Atrophy is a trophy...
  231. A Newcastle match before the match started ===>
  232. Pardew: "Why Arsenal didn't wait until tomorrow (to bid) I don't know. He prepared for the game for
  233. "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely "
  234. The bid for Paul Pogba is.... Wait for it... Waaaiitt for ittt............
  235. So who is going to take the reins come December? 'arry or Big Fat Sam?
  236. Wednesday could change the entire history of our club. Rub chin
  237. This is brilliant!!
  238. Well that's okay news....Deal in place for Ashley Williams
  239. Dick Law or Mickey Pearce?
  240. The sound of corks popping is heard around Arsenal football club
  241. eez leetle bit crazy, but 'e 'az a cunning plan...
  242. Hard to disagree with this. I just can't help thinking we should now
  243. so Curbishley blaming us for their defeat, nice bit
  244. You nice people can argue as much as you want, I am off to Selborne and
  245. We will still sign Saurez imo
  246. I paid for my girlfriend and I to fly to South Africa in Feb and have had my card charged twice.
  247. 70M who would you buy at this stage
  248. there are still 2 more weeks of this transfer **** Bang head
  249. It's supermarket sweep!
  250. Its all ok